Acura Complaints

2013 Acura RDX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-21, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-21, 2023
  • Failed components: EXTERIOR LIGHTING

The headlights are soo dim that you cannot see anything at all at nighttime unless you drive with the brights on. The headlight bulbs blow out super fast, within a few months, and need to constantly be replaced over and over again. Even brand new headlights you cannot see at night.

2021 Acura RDX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-20, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-20, 2023
  • Failed components: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

This morning (09/20/2023) - i was driving on the interstate (i-78 in mississippi) - i heard a large bang/explosion and then began hearing external noise. I thought a tire on a vehicle nearby had blownout but realized the traffic near me was not slowing down. I pulled off the interstate and inspected my tires. Discovered all my tires were fine, but realized i could still hear the road. I discovered that my sunroof had exploded/shattered. I had not heard anything hit it or seen any debris flying through the air prior. Thank goodness my fabric divider was on and i did not have the sunroof open at the time - glass shards would have been all on me and throughout my car.

2018 Acura TLX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-15, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-20, 2023
  • Failed components: ENGINE and STEERING

I am one of many owners of an acura/honda j35 v6 engine that has had a connecting rod bearing failure at low mileage to no fault of the owner. In this case that is me. I bought this vehicle 5,000 miles ago from a dealer and it ran great. No issues. Ran trouble codes. None. Out of no where it started ticking. I stopped. Many other people who don’t know cars wouldn’t. If you keep driving the vehicle with this engine failure it eventually seizes the motor and you lose power steering. Connecting rods can snap and be projected through the engine as well. This is an uncommon failure in engines unless neglected or there is a defect. Honda even had to recall vehicle many years ago for the same exact issue which is now occurring again. I am encouraging other owners to file a complaint that are in our acura forum online. Will be able to submit documentation when car is fixed. At dealer now.

2019 Acura RDX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-14, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-20, 2023
  • Failed components: FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE

The contact owns a 2019 Acura RDX. The contact stated while reversing out of a parking spot at approximately 3 MPH, the vehicle stalled. The contact stated that several unknown warning lights were illuminated. The contact stated that several attempts were made to restart the vehicle however, eventually the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic. The mechanic diagnosed the vehicle and retrieved DTC codes: P0087 and U047168ECM. The mechanic related the failure to NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V215000 (Fuel System, Gasoline). The mechanic referred the contact to a dealer for assistance. The contact had the vehicle towed a local dealer. The dealer was unable to retrieve the fault codes. The technician was unable to start the vehicle. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact stated that the failure had occurred twice. The manufacturer had not been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 43,000.

2018 Acura TLX
  • Date of Incident: Aug-13, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-19, 2023
  • Failed components: ENGINE

Car goes into limp mode at highway speeds due to an issue with the engine. Engine needs replacing at low miles. Safety hazard that is not expected to happen when proper maintenance is performed promptly and car is driven appropriately.

2017 Acura MDX
  • Date of Incident: Jun-18, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-17, 2023

Great hesitation, in acceleration, clicking of gears and drive and while putting in reverse also clicking of the years when accelerating

2022 Acura MDX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-16, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-16, 2023
  • Failed components: FUEL/PROPULSION SYSTEM

This vehicle has an “integrated” gas cap where the fuel filler door acts as the gas cap. I can’t believe honda engineering did any testing with this system since about 75% of the time when i fuel the vehicle, the nozzle gets stuck in the filler neck & the neck usually comes off the vehicle entirely when attempting to remove the fuel nozzle. This problem has been well documented on honda/acura forums for some time and i cannot believe honda has not issued a recall as this represents a significant safety risk, not to mention potential emissions issues.

2023 Acura TLX
  • Date of Incident: Jun-06, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-16, 2023
  • Failed components: SUSPENSION and UNKNOWN OR OTHER

Please see attached document, as my whole description would not fit in the box.

2016 Acura MDX
  • Date of Incident: May-27, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-15, 2023
  • Failed components: STEERING and SUSPENSION

We have taken our 2016 Acura MDX to our local dealer three times in the past to complain about noises (clicking and thumping) coming from the front end of the vehicle. Each time the vehicle was under warranty and the response we got from the dealer was "no problem found". Two weeks ago (02Sept2023) we took the Acura MDX to the same local dealer and are told both of the front control arms need to be replaced. Since we are no longer under warranty it would cost us $1559.78 to replace both. And we are also informed that control arms on this vehicle do wear out frequently and they keep a supply on hand to replace the for the many customers that have had the same problem. While we have not had a direct safety problem with this car yet, the car is relatively young and does not have high mileage or rough use. Based on the fact that this Acura dealer has experienced many problems with this vehicles control arms I would like to register the problem with NHTSA to investigate further.

2015 Acura RDX
  • Date of Incident: Sep-14, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-14, 2023

The low-beam headlights gradually dim over time. Dim headlights can pose a safety risk, preventing drivers from seeing a safe distance ahead. This is not very safe to drive the vehicle at nighttime, my fear and the safety of my family to continue driving this vehicle. Acura should voluntarily recall the 2015 Acura RDX, due to defective headlights. It's outrageous that Acura hasn't recalled it. The low-beam reflector itself oxidizes, is not reflective at all, and no amount of brighter bulbs. Light output of 2015 Acura Rdx is very low due to bad foil in projector headlights. I have swtiched bulbs but that did not make much different. This is a safety concern.

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