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    • Date of Incident: Oct-22, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 15:02 Oct-24, 2020

    While on a hiway, with cruse on, stopped for a red light. While stopped the engine shut off. I pushed the stop-start disable buttion. The car acclerated into the intersaction before i braked it to a stop. Luckely there was no one infront of me and no cross traffic or we would have wrecked. The car then went back to idle and has been fine since.

    • Date of Incident: Aug-28, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Sep-02, 2020

    The car stop by itself in the middle of the road and i just could make it to pull it over and lights appear on the car dashboard the check engine, the electronic throttle control, and other light that i dont know what it is but it was an "a! ". I turn off the car and i waited for 10 min an i turn it on again and it works but the lights still were there, so i took it to the dealer ship because i have only 4 month with the car and it is an used car, but it has only 19000 miles to have that kind of problems. At the dealership they told me that they dont have space to check the car probably until october that they will call me, but when we went back to home the car did the same it start to drop the speed by itself and stop , and i just parked in my house and i have not move it, the car has other problems to check, the hook connections and the tires, but the thing is that the dealership say they have too many cars in front of mine and they will check it probably until october 2020. I really think those vehicles alfa romeo guilia should be checked from the electrical system because life of people is in risk when they just stop in middle of the road.

    • Date of Incident: Feb-09, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 10:22 Mar-08, 2020

    With only 11,000 miles the vehicle has received four major repairs, two incidents could have resulted in an accident. 1. Blind spot monitoring system; one day in repair shop 2. No radio or navigation system; one day in repair shop 3. Seizing-up or locking off right-rear brake pad that grinder into brake rotor. This made steering difficult. Vehicle was in repair shop for one week. 4. Malfunction of start & stop system, and electronic throttle control while driving in rush hour interstate traffic; nearly disabling vehicle intraffic. Speed limited was reduced to 25mph in a 65mph highway. Car was disabled for a few hours but errors mysteriously went away. During this event we discovered the alfa romeo in our residence closed with no notification. If vehicle remained disabled the next option will be too tow the vehicle to omaha, ne.

    • Date of Incident: Oct-29, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 17:26 Dec-22, 2019

    I was driving my 2018 alfa romeo gulia quadrifoglio in houston, tx. I was heading on i-45 south towards the ramp to merge on grand parkway 99 west. Once i was on grand parkway 99, i placed the car on cruise control. It was raining very hard and the cruise control was set to 75mph. Suddenly, the car hydroplaned and skidded slightly to the left and then it spun right 180 degrees facing the oncoming traffic. Now the car is going in reverse from the fastest lane, to the slow lane, then the emergency lane, and finally; the car slid off into the sloping wet grass down the side of the freeway and came to a stop when the slope subsided into a flat grass shoulder. It was almost 200-300+ feet away from the inclining concrete freeway where i slipped off onto the wet grassy sloping shoulder. The car came to a stop at the flat part of the grassy shoulder after an estimated 200-300+ feet. I have attached the image showing the start of the skid to the finish where the car stopped facing backwards. I was able to drive the car off the grass onto the service road and went to an exxon gas station (22207 kuykendahl rd, spring, tx 77379) to check the damage. Luckily i was not hurt and i did not notice any damage to the car. In my experience, i firmly believe that the cruise control in the car disabled all traction control and anti-slip control in the car because non of those systems intervened. When the car started to hydroplane, i did not feel the traction control stop the faster wheel from spinning, and before i could do anything the car skidded 180 degrees without any anti-skid control intervention. A possible conclusion is that the wheel speed sensors are dedicate to the cruise control and not sending any data to the safety systems such as anti-slip, anti-skid, or yaw and pitch sensors that keep a modern car on the intended path.

    • Date of Incident: May-09, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 12:32 Dec-05, 2019

    There's a problem called etc error. It has happened 5 times since 9500 mileage. And now car has 15900 mileage. Every time it happened when i was on highway trying to accelarate. When that problem occured, i suddenly lost power and had to pull over in the middle of traffic. Then i needed to shut down the engine and restarted, after this action power was back on with engine check light on, too. And car was driveable with auto start/stop and remote start unavailable. I went to dealships 3 times. First dealship can't not locate the problem and just reset computer. Second dealship found one problem and replaced a part. But after a couple thousands of miles, the problem happened again. I have two videos, but they are too big to upload.

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