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  • 3 Crashes
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  • 3 Injuries
  • 0 Fatalities
  • A total of 6 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 50.0%, or 3 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 50.0%, or 3 were crash related, and 0.0%, or 0 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

  • Date of Incident: Jun-06, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 10:56 Jul-08, 2019

Brake lights had water condensation inside, causing the leds inside to short out. This prevents other drivers from being aware of braking, potentially leading to collisions.

  • Date of Incident: May-28, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Jun-25, 2019

I've had in the past a 2009 v8 vantage (vin (xxxxx)) which tail lights allowed condensation in them and eventually failed , a 2015 v8gt vantage (vin (xxxxx)) in which the right tail light had condensation - replaced under warranty, and a 2015 v12s vantage (vin (xxxxx)) who had a tail light condensation and both headlights fail when i owned it. I recently purchased a 2017 v12s vantage (vin entered previously) - brand new a few months ago - both rear tail lights have condensation. The issue is that any water in the tail lights eventually destroys the led circuit boards and then there are no tail lights. The only vantage i've owned that did not have this problem was a 2007. This is a well known problem, and a safety problem as well as when not under warranty an extremely expensive fix. It should have been a recall a long time ago. Pictures are from my current car. I did not even have the car a week, before the issue started up. Parts of this document have been redacted to protect personally identifiable information pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6)

2016 Aston Martin V8 VANTAGE S
  • Date of Incident: Feb-13, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 06:30 Apr-13, 2019

In once incident on the freeway, which happened to be the second day i leased the car came to an abrupt stop and i had to tow it off the freeway to the closest corner store. I then called the dealer i leased the car from and went through a number of options, none of which worked. I was instructed to leave my $160,000 car overnight in a very bad neighborhood and aston martin would pick it up the next day. I was told over a week later the problem was solved. Less than 30 days later the same problem happened except this time i was side-swiped/rear-ended by a car going 70 mph and my car at a near stop. My car was totaled completely with all the right side air bags going off. My insurance would not cover it saying it was a defect with aston martin. I don't know what to do since i can't afford the repairs. The person that hit me only had $5,000 insurance coverage. Please help.

2016 Aston Martin V8 VANTAGE S
  • Date of Incident: Feb-14, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 04:35 Jan-02, 2019

This will be my second complaint. My car abruptly came to a stop on the freeway and was hit by another vehicle on the side of the car causing the right side passenger air bags to deploy and causing the car to be labeled as a salvaged vehicle. This was the second time this occurred despite informing the dealer.

2016 Aston Martin V8 VANTAGE S
  • Date of Incident: Dec-21, 2017
  • Date complaint filed: 02:32 Aug-03, 2018

The car was moving on the freeway and then suddenly went into neutral and lost all power coming to a complete stop. We had to push it off the road. Then it would not start at all and we called the dealer to have it towed, please note this is the second day after it was purchased.

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