Audi A4 allroad Complaints

Audi A4 allroad Complaints
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  • Date of Incident: Jul-18, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 13:11 Jul-31, 2018

I parked my car in its usual place in the parking lot of my office. I put it into 'park' turned off the engine, and left after clicking the locked button. Some hours later, i happened to notice that my car had moved some 60 feet in the parking lot. I went to retrieve the car, made sure the car was still locked and the side mirrors retracted, opened the door and confirmed the car was still in the 'park' position and the engine was turned off. I reparked and used the emergency brake as i no longer trusted the 'park' position. When my car moved, it bumped into a colleague's car causing slight damage. (could have been worse! ) i believe this is a defect in the gearshift and that nhsta should be informed. My office keeps a motion camera on the parking lot and i have a videotape of the incident: my leaving the car; the car subsequently moving a foot or two; then moving some 60 feet away. I can provide the videotape but this form does not permit that.

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