Bentley SERVICE BRAKES Complaints

Bentley SERVICE BRAKES Complaints
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    • Date of Incident: Dec-01, 2016
    • Date complaint filed: 11:46 Sep-05, 2017

    Easy cyber attack against new bentley - critical issue it is incredibly dangerous to connect this car to the internet using a sim card, as the car is littered with high impact vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited to shut down systems, this would deny service of systems, like steering or brakes, or airbags. There are nearly 100 connected devices in the car that is centrally managed using one computer systems that is very vulnerable. This is a fundamental problem at bentley hq, as one of the vulnerabilities was first identified in 1999, it was patched in 1999 and yet a 2017 car still has the vulnerability without any patch. This means not only is this car extremely vulnerable to cyber attack but the process to design the software in the factory had little to no regard to customer security. It is possible to electronically sweep all ip's in the usa searching for bentley bentagya's and then construct a cyber attack at all vehicles simultaneously. This is a very very serious issue. I notified bentley and provided the full cyber assessment report and had not reply whatsoever. They should immediately have every customer remove the sim card (this should be a critical recall) for the vehicle to prevent an attack from the other side of the world. Then they need to consider localised attacks as the car travels with a wifi bubble that is exploitable. This is how this report attached was prepared in the first instance.

    • Date of Incident: Aug-15, 2017
    • Date complaint filed: 20:41 Sep-04, 2017

    Bentley dynamic cruise control - dangerous the car has dynamic cruise control that is very dangerous in certain settings. It is possible to shorten the distance to the next car on a highway to approximately 100 yards, and the car will continue at the cruise if there is no car in front. Then on the highway when traffic is stopped or slow the car will drive at say 65 mph directly toward the stopped vehicles because the setting is set at 100 yards. The radar has the ability to see 300-400 yards, but in the shortened setting instead of looking out at 300-400 yards it disregards that input taking only the 100 yard input. What then happens is the car on realising that the stationary object is now at 100 yards attempts to do an emergency stop. Which is impossible. This happened by accident to me on a highway, and i have to swerve onto the hard shoulder to avoid a collision. If the manufacturer wants to install intelligent systems then it would be really helpful if they were designed right. It is absolutely possible to take a radar input at 300 yards and 100 yards from the system and then manage this situation safely. This is a basic design fault. They should go test a mercedes to see how to design this properly.

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