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    • Date of Incident: Mar-01, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 14:55 Apr-02, 2021

    The panoramic sunroof headliner on this model is made of cloth. The cloth came off of the track during normal operation, causing the cloth headliner to sag and a significant decrease in visibility.

    2016 BMW 535I
    • Date of Incident: Dec-01, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 15:46 Feb-01, 2021

    The head unit or the car stopped working. As a result, rear view camera, all warning systems or the car including warnings for low tire pressure, warnings for distance from objects in front, side and rear all stopped working. This is a safety issue with all safety features of the car were disabled. This is the second time head unit has stopped working on the same car and the second time when the head unit needed a replacement. Seems like a systemic issue and should be investigated with bmws.

    2016 BMW 428I
    • Date of Incident: Jan-15, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 13:09 Jan-19, 2021

    Exploding sunroof. Sunroof was in the full open position when it just suddenly exploded. It sounded like a gun going off in the car. Glass shards went flying down on me. One shard went into my hand. I was on an entrance ramp to the interstate on a sunny day when it happened. Speed was approximately 55mph.

    2020 BMW 230I
    • Date of Incident: Dec-11, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 19:14 Dec-21, 2020

    I purchased a new 2020 bmw 230i in may 2020. Its first and only servicing was on 12/9/20 for a 10,000 mile oil change and "multi-point inspection," in which one of the inspection items was "inspect sunroof operation and check for leaks. " 12/11/20 i was driving to my office northbound on estrella blvd when at approximately 8:53 am, i heard what can only be described as an explosion. My initial reaction was that perhaps a tire blew out. As i then looked around at the windows and the dashboard, i heard something scraping against the roof of the vehicle. I slightly opened the interior sunroof hatch and saw the sunroof glass was completely shattered and there was a large hole visible. I closed the interior sunroof hatch and then heard glass blowing off of the sunroof towards the back of the car. There were no other vehicles around me as i was concerned the blowing glass would cause additional damage. I pulled to a side road as soon as safe to do so and messaged my wife about the incident (adriana valenzuela @ 8:56 am). As the car was still functional, i drove the approximate 3 1/2 miles back to my residence. At 2:32 pm, the vehicle was picked up from my residence and transported to arrowhead bmw. At 3:30 pm, i received a telephone call from arrowhead bmw. "....... Your car just arrived and you may want to call your insurance company because it looks like it was hit by a rock..... " i advised gomez under no circumstances would i accept that "a rock" had hit my vehicle. I also advised that in my 23 years as an fbi agent, i knew what an 'explosion" sounded like and what i experienced earlier that morning reminded me of a "flashbang" (used by swat teams). In addition, it is very clear from the photos that the glass had been forced outward and upward from the force of the breakage she advised that she would not have an update for me until at least 12/14/20.

    2018 BMW 430I
    • Date of Incident: Aug-07, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 19:37 Sep-21, 2020

    Had a situation where the rear window of my car shattered while stored in the trunk due to the roof mechanism engaging while driving. This happened while in a drive thru going about 2 miles an hour at a chick-fil-a on friday august 7th 2020. There appears to be some fault in the roof stowage mechanism that caused it to push the roof up into the glass and it crushed it.

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