BMW 330E Complaints

BMW 330E Complaints
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Recent Complaints

2018 BMW 330E
  • Date of Incident: Nov-24, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 22:42 Jan-11, 2020

Car making a explosive, cranking mechanical noise upon unlocking the car before you even open the door. There seems to be a fuel pump making noise from inside a gas tank. Bmw authorized dealers acknowledged the noise is associated with a "high pressure fuel pump" and refer to this as "normal" i believe the fuel delivery system in this car and other similar models are the result of defective component(s) and/or a result of a flawed engineering. This noise however continues on with a humming/buzzing sounds for several minutes which also effects the car's overall performance which seems to be causing the car to perform at a diminished level overall which may or may not affect vehicle's overall safety components such as brakes and other control apparatus. At times, upon unlocking the car, it feels and very well sounds like the vehicle is about to explode?! And this by itself causing a grave concern and i feel that it must be investigated, especially that bmw has been reluctant/unable to repair despite repeated 8 attempts with car being in service for over 30 days. This car is still under manufacturer's warranty. All repair orders have been done at bmw authorized dealership. All repair order documents as well as a short 15 seconds video clip are available upon request.

2017 BMW 330E
  • Date of Incident: Oct-07, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 13:29 Oct-18, 2019

While the car was plugged in overnight in the garage, (it is a hybrid), a terrible odor was released and carbon monoxide was detected. Fire department was called twice (this occurred two nights in a row) and detected high levels of co from inside the car and from the hood. We needed to evacuate the house each time. Gas company and plumber confirmed there was no other issues in garage. Upon removal of the car, issues no longer persist. Bmw cannot find anything wrong with the car, but i refuse to take the car back, given safety for my family. The vehicle was parked, turned off, locked, and charging overnight.

2017 BMW 330E
  • Date of Incident: Oct-11, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 22:54 Oct-17, 2018

I'm leasing bmw 330e. In november 2017 i brought it with 5,800 miles for maintenance to the weatherford bmw; was advised tread of rear set of tires is dangerously shallow, under 5 mm. They also told me that front set is still ok with 6 mm, but soon neend to be also replaced. I contacted the bmw na, offered a 50% discount on a set of new tires. This october 2018 at 2nd service service i was advised that the thread now on the rear set is under 3 mm and presents a safety hazard to continue to operate. The front set of tires has only 4 mm remaining thread. The vehicle has only 11,250 miles on the odometer. When i called the bma na about their last year offer, i was told that they have "taken the offer off the table". Bmw bill for the new 2 tire set with balancing and allignment at $1,006. 60 is attached to this email. These are run-flat continental contiprocontact tires. The continental tires company has responded to my online inquiry with the answer that the original tires on the new cars have no treadwear warranty, but the replacement of the same new tires does come with a 40,000 miles treadwear warranty. Bmw service charges $500- plus per tire for replacent, including the balancing, allignment and tax. Since the average mileage in the usa per car driven is abount 12,000 miles annually and the bmw vehicles owners, or a lessees are supposed to change it after just 12,000 because the new tires are worn and have no factory, or tire manufacturer's warranty, that means that the annual cost for tires of one bmw vehicle is $2,000-. That is unacceptible and is a deceiving practice. I suspect that bmw factory in germany purposely equipping their new vehciles with substandard quality unwarranted continental run-flat tires to wreck on unsuspecting usa consumers the cost of annual replacement worth of $2,0000- plus annually, or $500- plus per tire. Please investigate.

2017 BMW 330E
  • Date of Incident: Jul-18, 2017
  • Date complaint filed: 01:54 Jul-21, 2017

The vehicle was in motion on the highway on the left lane of traffic at a speed of 65mph in "edrive" mode. As expected, it shifted from electric to combustion engine at 65mph though the at this point the car started coasting, as if it was in neutral, even though the indicator on the gear shift showed "d". The "check engine" light also went on. I first attempted to switch back to electric drive only ("max edrive mode") but to no avail. I then decided to coast to the emergency lane to the right of the highway but after i made my way to the middle lane, the traffic slowed down and i had to use the brake and no longer had enough momentum to make it safely to the emergency lane. I frantically tried several time to shift the "d" mode several time but only managed to put the gear shift in "n" (with no way of putting it back in "d" mode). As of last resort (i was now coasting at 10~5 mph in the middle lane of the highway), i pressed the start/stop button and that somehow reset the system and i was able to accelerate once again and the check engine light went off. I have not had any issue since this incident (7/18 7pm pst) and had it checked the next day by the dealership who gave me the following explanation: connected charger and ran short test. Found fault for high voltage battery shut off due to low charge level. Vehicle was not charged causing the customer complaint. Cleared faults charged vehicle and test drove. No issues at this time i am not satisfied by the explanation: my battery was not fully depleted (the car drove on electric shortly after the incident when i exited the highway).

2017 BMW 330E
  • Date of Incident: Dec-30, 2016
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Dec-30, 2016

I was driving the car with two passengers and the car suddenly became totally unresponsive. I managed to coast to the shoulder of the road on a very busy street. I contacted bmw and reported the problem. The yellow engine light was on and it was stuck in park. I could not get it to go into reverse or drive. I turned the car off and on to no avail. This is the second time this has happened. After about 15 min the car started and i managed to drive to my house which was close to where it died on the road. A tow truck is on its way to bring it to flemington bmw. I reported the incident at approximately 5:05 pm to bmw customer relations (tawny) who provided me with your website. The first time the car was brought into service they could not find any fault codes with the car and they told me that it was functionally fine. They asked if i might have accidentally turned the car off while driving. Bmw towed the car to the dealer after the first incident. I do not remember the exact date but this could be determined through road side assistance. I told bmw that the car is dangerous and i would not drive it unless they can determine with certainty what is wrong. Had i been unable to coast to the side of the road, this could have resulted in a life threatening situation. The car was in motion on both instances when it became totally unresponsive. Once again, the car was in park and could not be moved into reverse or drive for approximately 15 min before it started up again.

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