Buick POWER TRAIN Complaints

Buick POWER TRAIN Complaints
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 30 complaints related to Buick POWER TRAIN.

    Recent Complaints

    • Date of Incident: May-01, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 21:35 Aug-19, 2019

    Poor acceleration causing increase in force on gas pedal. Happens at random times while on flat surfaces, going up hill, around curves with ac on or off. Once acceleration kicks in, speed increases causing the need for applying the breaks. Requires additional space when pulling out on the road to ensure enough time to achieve proper speed. Took to certified dealership for service. Tech unable to duplicate issue and since no codes or service light, they are unable to fix the issue. Picked up the car from dealership. Next day issue continues. Car would also continue to accelerate when foot removed from pedal (almost like cruise control was on), pressed on breaks which did not make a difference. Had to move to side of road & continue try & stop. Made a second appointment to return car back to dealership. Afraid of transporting people in vehicle due to unknown/sticking accelerator issues.

    Parts: POWER TRAIN
    • Date of Incident: Mar-22, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 18:49 Jul-30, 2019

    I purchased my vehicle in june of 2018. The car drove beautifully for about 14000 miles. Then i started noticing harsh shifts at lower speeds, shifted fine on the highway. This continued on and i just thought it was normal wear. Then about 2 months after the harsh shifting started i was getting on the highway and accelerating up to speed. I then let off my gas pedal and the car stuck in gear. I tried slowing down and speeding up and the car would not shift. I had to pull over shut the car off and turn it back on during rush hour. This happened again about a month later, so i called to make an appointment at the dealer. Took my car in and the service tech asked me to ride with and show him what it is doing. So i drove the tech around about a half hour. On the way back in traffic at about 35 mph the car stuck in gear again with the tech in the car. They had the car a week and cud not replicate the issue again. They talked about reprogramming my ans but since no reported problems they could not do it. I have had the car back a month and it has happened twice again. So i will yet again make another appointment. This is very unsafe when the transmission will not shift to have to try and pull off on busy highways where there are not always safe places to do so.

    • Date of Incident: Jul-26, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 13:02 Jul-26, 2019

    Driving car locks up check engine light comes on says check power steering, we aimed to side of the shoulder car dies wouldn't start. We had to wait on side of a interstate for 3 hours to get a tow truck, very dangerous

    Parts: POWER TRAIN
    • Date of Incident: Apr-01, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 20:49 Jun-23, 2019

    Loud clunk noise during any gear change. Car does not have to be moving. I experimented this problem while shifting from park to drive, drive to reverse, reverse to park. This problem also exists shifting up and down gears. Took it to the dealer to get serviced. They flushed the transmission, reprogrammed the transmission control to no avail. The problem occurs when the engine is cold and hot

    • Date of Incident: Jun-05, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 19:25 Jun-05, 2019

    Traveling at highway speeds car suddenly shifted itself into neutral and could not be engage back to any drive gears. Brakes were inoperable and accelerator was in operable. Finally came to a stop by coasting to the shoulder and waiting for speed to drop far enough to get vehicle to go into park.

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