Cadillac Complaints

  • 606 Complaints
  • 41 Crashes
  • 13 Fires
  • 28 Injuries
  • 0 Fatalities
  • A total of 606 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 4.6%, or 28 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 6.8%, or 41 were crash related, and 2.1%, or 13 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

  • Date of Incident: Jun-28, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 14:36 Jul-05, 2020

I parked my car outside a friend's house in troy, michigan. After about 5 hours or so, i went to leave and the entire screen looks like it had shattered on the inside. It is a circular pattern and is not cracked from the outside. I looked this issue up and it appears there is a class action lawsuit for this issue. My dealer told me it would cost approximately $1300 to fix, which i am extremely unhappy about as a vehicle should never do this.

  • Date of Incident: Jul-03, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 00:02 Jul-04, 2020

My vehicle stops running when i am placing it in reverse or making slow turns. The car turns off and the driver assist screen turns off (cameras do not work) and then my car says? Service: driver assist?. I have been driving at a low rate of speed on the street and my car stops running and the steering wheel becomes very tight and hard to turn. When i am backing into a parking space, my steering wheel is hard to turn and the car shuts off and the screen that shows my cameras goes out and then the car comes back on. It is very scary. I am very afraid that the car will stop running while in motion again and cause an accident. I have contacted onstar about this and requested roadside assistance, it was the weekend and they would not send them. The car turning off has occurred more than 7 times in the past month. It started in april 2020.

  • Date of Incident: Jun-01, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 15:28 Jul-03, 2020

At 45mph the right front wheel shudders. It only happens occasionally. I've checked it on very smooth roads to make sure it wasn't the conditon of the road causing the shudder. Sometimes, when the car shifts, it shifts very hard as if being bumped in the rear. I had it checked and i'm told it may be a transmission issue but not sure. The original tires are on the car and at 48 thousand miles they have worn even. I've had the front end checked for alignment and the front wheels balanced. That is not the issue.

  • Date of Incident: Jun-18, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 10:16 Jul-02, 2020

I was stopped by a road crew. There were 3 cars in front of me and as i waited for them to let us through about 10 cars were stopped behind me. I was listening to the radio when i had the weird sensation that i was going backwards instead of being stopped. I looked around, realized i was going backwards and went to hit the break but my car had already hit the car behind me. The man in the car behind me told the police officer that responded that he did not see back up lights or any indicator that the car was in reverse. I didn? T touch the gear shift. There is no reason for the car to go in reverse. The photo below shows the damage done to the car my vehicle hit.

2020 Cadillac XT6
  • Date of Incident: May-21, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 15:17 Jul-01, 2020

Brand new off dealer lot needed new battery. From that point forward the vehicle's electronics constantly malfunctioned. The dealer tried everything including working with cadillac for new parts and suggestions to make the electrical system function normally. After three weeks of work, it still malfunctions and is dangerous to drive.

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