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    • Date of Incident: Nov-20, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 13:09 Apr-21, 2021

    This vehicle is a handicap conversion van modified by revability / vmi in the modification - revability has replaced the factory fuel tank with one of their own design and construction. In doing so - they use the chrysler factory components such as the fuel pump, fuel gauge sender unit, emissions connections, etc. However - the fuel gauge has never worked properly since i purchased the van and it gives misleading information about the fuel level. It registers only 3/4 full on the dash when in fact the tank is full. If you try to add any more fuel (as i found out when i first purchased the van) - it affects the emissions controls severely and makes the van un-drivable; in fact the engine will stall unexpectedly in traffic which is a severe hazard. Further - the low tank level is unpredictable so you are never sure when to refill, if the fuel gets too low then the engine can also stop in traffic. The company is well aware of this problem but cannot fix it. I have had it to the original selling dealership (jay hatfield mobility in lee's summit missouri) several times as revability said the repairs were covered under their manufactures warranty. The dealership has been unable to fix the problem and has since not renewed their contract with revability. So the problem still exists and the powertrain 'check engine' light comes on periodically - which jay hatfield mobility said they had nothing to do with and would not do any further repairs. My wife is handicapped and in daily rehab treatment - so i need this van every day and need it fixed properly - however the van conversion manufacturer has no instructions or information that they can supply for a correct repair. I believe that revability / vmi should be responsible for fixing this problem properly or replacing this van as it is / can be a safety hazard to operate without a properly functioning fuel gauge.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-27, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 07:17 Mar-31, 2021

    Well known issue with the chrysler pentastar engine which results in left cylinder misfires causing dangerous stalling the vehicle stalls while in motion and while stopped. They extended the warranty on previous years but have refused to on later models. Chrysler is refusing to fix the issue or offer cost assistance.

    • Date of Incident: Feb-28, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 11:57 Mar-24, 2021

    On multiple occasions i refueled my vehicle without topping off. A strong odor of fuel can be smelled in the cabin of the car after fueling while driving and even more when stopped at a traffic light. When i parked to investigate the strong gasoline smell, raw fuel could be seen running from behind the wheel well onto the ground. I turned off the vehicle and waited for the fuel to stop hitting the ground before starting and driving the vehicle again. My concern was the fuel leaking onto the hot exhaust and causing a fire.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-18, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 09:57 Mar-18, 2021

    After i feel the vehicle up without topping off the vehicle starts running rough after about 10-15 minutes. The car shuts off and error message comes up to put the car in park and then select desired gear. The entire time you can smell gas because the car is leaking fuel from the right rear wheelhouse area. This is very unsafe. I was just driving on i95 and this happened to me. This vehicle could have caused a pile up on the highway. People could have died. Recall

    • Date of Incident: Feb-25, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 07:34 Feb-28, 2021

    Car looses power and then jolts from the backend. It feels like we have been rear ended. Car shut off at a stop. Had to restart. All these have have happened over 5 times and we have only owned the car for 3 months. Scared to drive the vehicle.

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