Chrysler EXTERIOR LIGHTING Complaints

Chrysler EXTERIOR LIGHTING Complaints
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 57 complaints related to Chrysler EXTERIOR LIGHTING.

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    • Date of Incident: Feb-16, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 13:43 Feb-17, 2021

    Steering wheel gets stuck on turns even slight ones have to pull it in correct direction. Lights on dash go off as i drive at night is terrible. Side sliding doors, back door have opened by self as i approached vehicle. Radio volume used to go up and down, same for the parking brake as i parked, it also while driving makes loud bunk noise and as it sholts like whip lash to my neck and spine. The tires loose air right away. Most important is steering and sholt. I drive for a living and these are so dangerous. Dealer in homestead acknowledged issues, but still same was told was fixed, yet i was to be charged to jyst have it checked $120, worst service ever at all 3 different dealers, customer service is terrible wait time for oul change is over 2 hrs one time. Am totally dissatisfied with this vehicle. The only good thing is the drop sests but i almost got squeezed in while moving about no sensor stops it.

    • Date of Incident: Dec-01, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 14:35 Jan-19, 2021

    The front blinker lights stopped working but only when lights are off they only work when lights are on or on automatic

    • Date of Incident: Dec-19, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Dec-30, 2020

    Deer strike 68 mph front drivers side bumper ,hood back to tire almost to windshield, was on 4 lane road at 530 pm cst

    • Date of Incident: Nov-06, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 21:38 Nov-23, 2020

    Headlights keep going out. I've had both low beam headlights replaced twice in less than 3 months. High beams, signal, parking lights all work as they should. I took it to a shop and they said the hid headlight ballast needed replaced. No power going to low beams. Had it replaced and lights worked fine for about 2 months. Now i'm having the same problem again. I just bought the van in july. I've searched the problem and this seems to be a recurring issue with this model.

    • Date of Incident: Nov-21, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 07:45 Nov-22, 2020

    On november 21, 2020, the 7th day i purchased my car from car max, i drove my car from tx to ar. Nearly halfway to ar the dashboard lights started flickering and went off and on several times. I could not believe it has it during the day time. Once i arrived in ar, the dashboard continued to flicker but there were no error messages on the dashboard to indicate a problem. Later that night, i drove to the store and in the store parking lot the car quit on me after the lights flickered several times!!! I am livid! I have a 5-year old daughter in the car with me! What if the car stops on the highway? Why hasn't chrysler fixed this issue? I'm just now reading about this issues with numerous car owners!!! I desire to have this investigated and fixed immediately! If something we're to happened to my child and i would that not be horrible? Things like this should not exists as this is dangerousssssss!!! Our lives are at stake and i do not appreciate that!

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