Honda NC700JD Complaints

Honda NC700JD Complaints
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2016 Honda NC700JD
  • Date of Incident: May-09, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Jun-04, 2019

This is a honda motorcycle with a dual clutch transmission (dct). Multiple people who own these are having problems with a bolt coming loose inside the dct that causes the bike to get stuck in one gear. My machine failed in may of 2019 while coming off a freeway. No accident but easily could have been one. The dealership had no idea what the problem was and contacted the factory. After having the bike for weeks at the dealership the factory sent out a tech who by sheer dumb luck had seen the same issue with other dct machines and directed the dealership to look for the issue. It was indeed a loose bolt. I have it and it is undamaged. I am out $750 bucks and three weeks due to a loose bolt that should have been secured at the factory per the dealership. Multiple people on main website for this motorcycle are also having the same issue. Here;s a link to one such topic: https://www. Ctx700forum. Com/forum/ctx700-general-discussion-forum/73313-dual-clutch-transmission-problems. Html this dct is honda's next big thing. They don't need any bad publicity about it but this issue with this bolt needs a recall or something. I love the bike, but what else could go wrong with it? The bolt won't come loose a second time after the techs put locktite on it, which should have been done at the factory for such an important part. Please find attached my pdf description of what happened.

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