Infiniti WHEELS Complaints

Infiniti WHEELS Complaints
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    Parts: WHEELS
    • Date of Incident: Feb-10, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 10:18 Feb-18, 2020

    Dunlop sp sport 5000 dsst p245/40rf19 developed sidewall bubble spontaneously. Had to replace two tires at less than 30,000 miles. Both tires had plenty of tread life left (> 6/32)

    • Date of Incident: Oct-21, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 11:34 Oct-21, 2019

    The car's computer malfunctioned when parking the car and pressing the brake. The car immediately accelerated at full speed, went over the yellow median and hit a pole causing an accident in the school parking lot, the whole front left side of the car to be completely damaged, the side airbag on the driver's seat coming out, etc.

    Parts: WHEELS
    • Date of Incident: Mar-27, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 14:24 Jun-07, 2019

    Bridgestone potenza re97as tires are delaminating and peeling away in strips and areas that appear to be air pockets are being exposed and opened up as the tread wears. Dot ej up ccm1516. Tires have approximately 25k miles on them and always were under normal driving conditions, florida only car.

    Parts: WHEELS
    • Date of Incident: Mar-30, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 07:55 May-16, 2019

    Was told my service advisor that i need new tires at less than 20,000 despite having them rotated, balanced and/or aligned on a regular basis at dealer. Ride is extremely loud and tires sway erratically at slightest deviation in pavement. Reviews state that these tires often bubble up and explode causing a serious safety issue.

    • Date of Incident: Sep-17, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 11:03 Dec-15, 2018

    While i was driving my infiniti on the highway my serpentine belt snapped 4 different times while in motion. All within one year. Including me getting my car back from the dealer and them letting me have it back that way. Also, the tires are horrendous, from day one, they pulled the car left or right on the car. All the settings were correct on the car. I wanted to have the tires replaced, by the manufacturer, and that can be done because no it? S to long and everyone took to long to make things happen. Not to mention dunlop is impossible to get a hold of.

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