Infiniti Q70L Complaints

Infiniti Q70L Complaints
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2019 Infiniti Q70L
  • Date of Incident: Dec-30, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 14:46 Dec-11, 2020

My 2019 q70l has heated steering wheel. When it says "heated" i did know it was going to be this hot. At the same time on my spouse 2020 qx60 it works perfect. The connecting point on the steering is the most heat. As you move the palm its not that much. I did mention it to the service center. They don't have an answer. They say its normal. But from my experience from my previous vehicles its not. And then its cut off even if the switch is turned on. I can understand it cutting off after it gets to a certain temperature. But then it gets cold and never comes back on. You have to turn off the switch and turn back on. Not good for a long drive in a cold weather. Not sure if only happens in 2019 q70l models.

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