Land Rover VISIBILITY/WIPER Complaints

Land Rover VISIBILITY/WIPER Complaints
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 27 complaints related to Land Rover VISIBILITY/WIPER.

    Recent Complaints

    • Date of Incident: Apr-01, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 17:24 Apr-01, 2021

    The windshield is leaking onto the steering and electrical panel. When we took the vehicle to land rover, they told us that the car was out of warranty (4 months ago) and that it would cost us $1,900. We've only had this car for 3 years and have also had to replace the motor and transmission.

    2020 Land Rover RANGE ROVER EVOQUE
    • Date of Incident: Feb-13, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 17:21 Feb-13, 2021

    A few months ago, a message of "no fault suspension detected, drive with caution" appeared on our dash. Before then we were getting a message of low coolant. I thought this was weird because we had the car for only a little over a year. We took it to our dealer and we were told that there is nothing to worry about. We scheduled a maintenance appt to have the software updated. Also our car wouldn't start, i had to place my key fob under the steering wheel as indicated on the dash. I told the dealer this too and i was told it was a battery that needed to be changed, or we need to use both key fobs intermittently. Then yesterday, were stopped at a traffic light, the car just shut off and the wipers went on by itself. My husband started the car up and we drove off when the light turned green. We stopped at a place to pick up some food and shut the car off. Came back into the car and started it up again. No problems there. But as we drove a few miles and came to a stop light at a major intersection, the car stalled and everything shut off again. We tried to start it up again and nothing. A message came on that said forward alert not to drive over 50mph. Then a gear box showed on the dash saying something about the gear box. I can't remember because i was in so much panic with the heavy traffic. We couldn't put the car in neutral to move it out of the way. Luckily the fire truck and firefighters happened to be driving by. They were able to direct traffic until the police and the tow truck came. Our dealer here was not open over the weekend so we had to have our car towed home. It was then making a clicking noise as we tried to start it. Then all the lights on the dash went out. It felt hard to step on the brake and to move the steering wheel when we tried to start the car again.

    • Date of Incident: Feb-01, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 13:23 Feb-11, 2021

    The front windshield drips water from the top passenger side. The windshield has had no crack or ding or other damage

    • Date of Incident: Nov-30, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 14:59 Nov-30, 2020

    Front windshield starting leaking where the top of the glass and the interior headliner meets. Car has 42000 miles.

    • Date of Incident: Nov-18, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 14:46 Nov-25, 2020

    Water drips in from windshield. This causes a distraction while driving. I'm assuming the seal is bad.

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