Land Rover EXTERIOR LIGHTING Complaints

Land Rover EXTERIOR LIGHTING Complaints
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 10 complaints related to Land Rover EXTERIOR LIGHTING.

    Recent Complaints

    • Date of Incident: Jan-10, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 15:24 Jan-28, 2021

    The reverse light on the driver's side will not illuminate when the vehicle is in reverse. I have replaced both bulbs and 5 amp fuse. I believe the issue might be with a fault in the reverse light switch. The light does not illuminate in any driving condition.

    2020 Land Rover DEFENDER
    • Date of Incident: Nov-01, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 17:15 Nov-10, 2020

    The cone of light projected forward by the headlights is too narrow. When turning right or left from one dark road onto another dark road, one cannot determine if it is safe to turn. The light cone is blocked by the escutcheon around the headlight, which are set inward too deep.

    2020 Land Rover DEFENDER
    • Date of Incident: Oct-05, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 15:30 Oct-06, 2020

    1. Head light escutcheon blocks light in direction of right or left turn. When turning, this leaves the corner in the dark. 2. The touch screen display is "white", and too bright when driving at night. Very distracting. Should have been a black background, with white info.

    • Date of Incident: Dec-07, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 00:29 Dec-14, 2019

    I was driving the speed limit of 70 mph, when both headlights suddenly went out. I had a mechanic evaluate it. He found 4 engine codes & 3 other codes (1 a low beam headlamp code) & advised there was a problem land rover had to evaluate. I called cape fear land rover in wilmington, nc as the extended warranty still applied, explained the issue. The next day i was told the bulbs had blown was not a warranty issue. I asked how both went out simultaneously, & if all codes were repaired. I was told "both bulbs blow simultaneously all the time" i again asked if all codes had been repaired, i was told "there aren't any other codes. " i advised i had a picture of the codes on my phone. I was then told "oh, i'll call you back. " i heard nothing until i called the next day to check on my car. At that time i was told of a known issue with a faulty wiring harness causing both lights to blow, but the repair part was no longer made, & my only option was to replace the bulbs each time they blow. I expressed my concern for the safety of me & my family. I was told "i'll check on it & call you back. " the next day after hearing nothing, i again called. I was told the wiring harness was no longer made & the entire headlight assembly had to be replaced but would be covered by the warranty. Today the dealer is saying the warranty does not cover "illumination" & i would have to pay $1100 to fix the issue. The warranty company says they don't cover headlights or bulbs, but the dealer needs to resubmit as an electrical issue and it would be covered. The lr dealer says they called to resubmit and was denied, the warranty co. States the dealer never called back. The dealer still has my car, i still have no headlights, and the safety of myself and my family are at great risk as we never know when the lights are going to blow. This is a known issue, and land rover refuses to correct it.

    • Date of Incident: Oct-01, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 01:05 Nov-16, 2019

    The instrument cluster switched off after an automatic engine stop. Upon release of the brake pedal, the car did not restart and driver exit conditions did not exist. After a full power down and manual restart of the ignition, the auto stop/start function no longer works. This is a fundamental electrical problem

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