Mazda STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints

Mazda STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 112 complaints related to Mazda STRUCTURE:BODY.

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    2016 Mazda MX-5
    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Apr-23, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 16:03 May-11, 2021

    I was driving on the freeway and i heard a loud cracking noise. I stopped at a gas station to check and saw that the upper molding part of the car had broken off.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-02, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 11:28 May-04, 2021

    Brought it in nov 2020 regarding smells and engine issues as well as alignment. Neither were taken care of. Then march 2021,engine was leaking fluid and smoking, and the engine needed to be replaced at 20k. Did not provide a rental until later that week. After a month, i got my car back. After leaving the engine continued to smoke, brought it back. Gave no rental. Dealer said it was left over fluid from when they replaced it. Car is still having issues with the engine and smells. Under shield fell off and needed to be replaced twice. Tire pressure was going off and brought it in twice for them to say they cant find where the slow leak is or why so they wouldn't fix it even though i have the mazda insurance for tires.

    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Sep-01, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 19:34 May-02, 2021

    The red paint is chipping pretty bad. This car is only about 1 year old. The chipping is mostly on the hood of the car.

    2018 Mazda MAZDA3
    • Date of Incident: Jul-25, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 09:29 Apr-26, 2021

    The rear wiper stopped working during a drive in heavy rain conditions, similarly like it happen to the same vehicle for the front wipers 6 months after i got the vehicle. I tried to schedule an appointment with the dealer but with the pandemic it was not possible. When i went for the actual appointment on march 2021, they told me the vehicle was out of warranty even though it is barely 3 years old, and just for a diagnostic they will charge $160 plus tax. The potential repair would be extra, ranging from a new bcm to a new motor, or both, scaling up to $450 repair bill. The issue is extremely similar to a safety recall that the vehicle had for the front wiper were they had to change the relays free of charge. I consider this also a safety issue as if you're driving in the highway at 55mph during the heavy rain and you are not able to see and vehicle that comes at high speed, such truck that loose the brakes in a roundabout exit, that poses a safety risk to drivers and owners of this vehicle. A recall should be made for this rear wiper issue like for the front one.

    2016 Mazda MAZDA6
    • Date of Incident: Apr-16, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 15:38 Apr-17, 2021

    Water leak in trunk area leading to about a 2-inch puddle of water accumulation inside the trunk at the location of the spare tire area. Issue was noticed on april 16, 2021. The water accumulated on top and at the bottom of the spare tire. The parts of the vehicle are beginning to be negatively affected --mold, etc. There were items stored around the spare tire? E. G. Flat tire repair kit, emergency blanket, etc. That developed mold due to the accumulated water and were thrown away upon inspection. In addition to the spare tire area accumulating several inches of water, the spare the cover (i. E. Plastic honeycomb type that sits directly on top of the spare tire) is affected with the evaporation/condensation of the accumulated water. All other parts of the trunk and vehicle are were not wet to the touch. The source of the water is unknown. And it was not a user error type of issue? The vehicle has been stored with all windows, doors, trunk, and hood closed. Concern is that the accumulation of water will lead to the development of mold inside the vehicle and an unhealthy environment for the driver and passengers occupying the car. Additionally, it will lead to vehicle corrosion since the area where the water accumulates is not intended to be consistently holding water. Attached are several photos showing the affected area. Note that the photos only show the accumulated water that was underneath the spare tire after the water accumulated on top of the spare tire (inner section of the spare tire metal wheel which lays up when stored in the vehicle? S trunk), close to 2-inches worth, was removed along with the spare tire itself. I did not think of taking photos of the issue until after i removed the spare tire and the accumulated water. Please look into the matter and consider issuing a recall that would allow mazda to correct the problem. Thank you.

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