Mazda ENGINE Complaints

Mazda ENGINE Complaints
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    Parts: ENGINE
    • Date of Incident: Apr-30, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 11:43 May-11, 2021

    2015 mazda cx5 2. 0 l, well maintained; recommended oil used at proper intervals, with 130,000 miles, mostly highway driven. With no warning lights and/or sounds, vehicle started loosing power at around 30 mph in the city and engine completely stalled. Aaa was called to start the vehicle to no avail, battery checked out ok. Towed to mazda dealership in wichita, ks. Dealer service examined vehicle and found a valve stem broken and lying on top of engine, visible through the spark plug well. As the owner, along with the service manager, i saw the broken valve stem in the engine but also notice my engine was extremely clean on the inside with clean oil as well, no evidence of dirt and/or sludge of any kind. Vehicle owner commented to the dealer how clean the engine and the vehicle was kept inside and out. Dealer responded by text to owner, new engine replacement, at the cost of $7000; used engine with 91,000 miles at $5000. Dealer stated after 60,000, vehicle of out of warranty. Owner researched and found evidence the failure is likely due too engine design. Mazda built an aluminum engine with high compression ratio, but built it lighter and with smaller component parts. According to engineers, that's a recipe for various component parts and ultimately overall engine failure. The skyactiv engine operates at 13. 0 compression ratio, by design; if not designed properly and being it's new technology, failures like internal component parts and the engine, are likely. Owner's vehicle at dealer for almost 3 weeks and they are offering no assistance to repair the vehicle. There needs to be an inquiry into the design of the skyactiv engine and address mazda alleging owner's are abusing vehicles and charging exorbitant prices for mechanical issues caused by their product design. Owner currently has two 2015 mazda cx5's. Dealer/mazda offering no assistance.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-02, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 11:28 May-04, 2021

    Brought it in nov 2020 regarding smells and engine issues as well as alignment. Neither were taken care of. Then march 2021,engine was leaking fluid and smoking, and the engine needed to be replaced at 20k. Did not provide a rental until later that week. After a month, i got my car back. After leaving the engine continued to smoke, brought it back. Gave no rental. Dealer said it was left over fluid from when they replaced it. Car is still having issues with the engine and smells. Under shield fell off and needed to be replaced twice. Tire pressure was going off and brought it in twice for them to say they cant find where the slow leak is or why so they wouldn't fix it even though i have the mazda insurance for tires.

    • Date of Incident: Apr-24, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Apr-25, 2021

    Happened to me two times in past three weeks, where i am coming to a stop, or hardly moving, and car suddenly accelerates. Had my foot on the brake and the car was still trying to accelerate. Yesterday, 4/24/21 it took all my strength on the brake to keep the car from pulling into oncoming traffic. I have been driving for 39 years and have owned many cars, and something like this never happened to me. I will be bring the car dealership tomorrow, the car has only 10k miles on it as we don't do a lot of driving with it as we owe two cars. I did not have my foot on the wrong pedal, this is very dangerous and if the dealer does not find anything with the car, i intend to sell it, as this is probably one of the scariest experience i had with a car. It is intermittent, so i am not sure when its going to occur, but twice in the last few weeks is not coincidence ( it also happened to my wife a few months ago, but we thought it could have been due to snowy road conditions). In one case i was coming up to a stop sign, and was braking and car was accelerating as i tried to break. I had to put car in neutral and the shut off car to get to stop. Yesterday, i was pulling out of a parking lot, and was waiting for an on coming car to pass me before i could turn onto road, when car was trying to accelerate, when i had my foot on brake, and took everything to keep the car from accelerating forward into on coming car. Once car passed, i made turn onto road, and issue did not repeat on the remaining mile to my house. I went onto a mazda forum and i saw a few others who raised the same concern/issue.

    Parts: ENGINE
    • Date of Incident: Mar-19, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 11:56 Mar-20, 2021

    Engine light came on then my vehicle started over heating and leaking coolant. Vehicle was towed to dealership. After technician diagnosed the problem, i was told it was the internal water pump that caused fluid to mix with the engine oil ruining the engine. I was told i had three options: buy a new engine, buy a used engine or buy a new car. I was told that this was an issue with this year, make and model for several customers. I asked why a recall notice was not given to vehicle owners and was told it was not a safety issue. It would have resulted in an accident if i was on the freeway due to the sudden occurrence of the breakdown. I was driving on a street in traffic. (middle lane)when my car started overheating and shut down. I managed to get it to restart and was barely able to safely pull into a parking lot where i quickly turned it off. I contacted the greenway mazda dealership to report problem and request tow service. Mazda has apparently been aware of this issue for a while.

    • Date of Incident: Feb-27, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 09:55 Mar-18, 2021

    The car stalled while in motion on the highway with 56 miles left in the gas tank. This caused a very dangerous situation due to the fact that i could not accelerate at all, as the traffic was speeding past. I had to coast through traffic to the safety of the shoulder of the road. Once the vehicle came to a stop, it wouldn't restart and it seemed as if it never actually stopped trying to restart. I noticed a few things during this situation. 1. The check engine light came on 2. All the dash board lights appeared to come on 3. The emergency brake and hold button for city parking brake were flashing at the center counsel 4. The dashboard warnings rotated between, city parking brake, parking brake, cruise system disabled 5. The battery finally died after several minutes of this happening my family and i were brought to safety by a state trooper and had the vehicle towed to a gas station. We filled the gas tank, jumped the car and it has not had the issue since. Unfortunately the rear lift gate has only worked one time after the event but i am not sure what is going on there. I had this same issue happen once in 2019, and the vehicle restarted. I took it to a mazda dealer and they said it may have been bad gasoline. The vehicle issue seems to match a similar issue mentioned in recall 3719f.

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