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    • Date of Incident: Jun-26, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 07:54 Jun-28, 2019

    I purchased my car for school and to commute to work from new jersey to connecticut and since the day i purchased my car, i had not once felt safe in my own car. I towed my car in 3 times (9/15/18, 4/8/19, and 6/10/19) because my steering wheel would lock up and freeze. It was like driving a vehicle with the engines off. Non-driveable instances were 3 times. However, there were many instances when i would be driving on the highway over 50mph and if i had gone over a small pothole or i am turning my vehicle on a curved area or if i am driving on local roads and i am making a left or right turn, the steering wheel would jerk and lock for a brief moment and then release. To be frank, if i had not driven with both hands on the steering wheel at all times, i would have been involved in numerous auto-accidents that may have caused serious injuries to me and other civilians on the road. There was another incident two days ago on 6/26/19 (after the service department and the mini manufacturers told me my car was fixed for the 3rd time) where i was stuck in traffic and when i hit the brakes, the steering wheel locked up for a split second and the brakes would not work properly so i had to slam the brakes to come to a stop. Then i saw notifications (front collision malfunction and brake intervention not possible). This was the 4th time i experienced the same issue and is now even worse because the brakes did not work properly. My car is currently at the dealership again, and this time they should not get away with this issue. After the 3rd incident, i addressed this issue to the mini/bmw manufacturer and they are being rude and inconsiderate of my situation. This vehicle is a safety threat to me and many other civilians on the road. Someone please help me.

    2019 MINI COOPER
    • Date of Incident: Jun-27, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Aug-01, 2018

    This is a brand model and brand new car that i had just purchased and was driving home from buying it- i had not even owned for a couple of hours. While on my way home vehicle malfunctioned and had near fatal collision. While driving on highway - at highway speed i was unable to control car and maintain speed. Engine seemingly locked up and as i was unable to control car almost caused a near fatal collision as car behind me did not realize i was losing speed. Taken to dealership and they noted the crankshaft speed pulse generator sensor had malfunctioned.

    2019 MINI COOPER
    • Date of Incident: Jul-23, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Aug-01, 2018

    This is second incident that occurred with brand new mini cooper 2019 with same exact issue that again almost caused a near fatal accident. While driving on highway, at highway speed the car precipitously malfunctioned and car locked up and would allow me to maintain speed- nor accelerate. I was unable to maintain speed of the car therefore started to lose speed and decelerate. The vehicles behind me could not tell that i was suddenly losing speed and i was almost involving a near fatal collision again. I had been driving on the highway for about 5 -10 minutes prior to this precipitously occurring. This was the same situation i experienced with a brand new mini cooper 2019 model a week earlier. The car was towed to the dealership and they noted that the crank shaft speed pulse generator sensor was no good and had malfunctioned. As this is a repeat issue and very serious as it almost caused 2 near fatal incidents, i am concerned that the maker of the vehicle is not doing their due diligence to ensure that other 2019 models are safe. I have been told other mini models were has experienced same malfunction. This incident and the other both occurred at highway speed which creates a very dangerous set up after the vehicles had been driven for a few miles on the highway and in wet conditions.

    2017 MINI COOPER
    • Date of Incident: Mar-01, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Mar-01, 2018

    Purchased vehicle new 2017 mini cooper countryman s awd from dealership in september 2017, day after purchase on the way from texas to oklahoma vehicle stalled on highway in a speed zone of 75, the vehicle check engine light came on and performance was reduced and started shaking and vehicle went from 70 mph down to 55mph immediately. Drivetrain malfunction light was light up as well as service engine light. Dealerhsip towed vehicle and was suppose to flash/update software also had to replace spark plugs and coils after that vehicle would display drivetrain malfunction and would lose power again. On 02/28 on the way back from texas again vehicle did same thing almost causing a wreck when vehicle decelerated and shaked. Vehicle was towed again and was advised that vehicle software needed flashed/updated.

    2016 MINI COOPER S
    Parts: STEERING
    • Date of Incident: Oct-07, 2016
    • Date complaint filed: 14:51 May-15, 2017

    I purchased this mini cooper s on march 16, 2016 and it had 47,282 miles on it. I also bought a limited 90 day warranty offered by buddy's auto sales of springfield, mo. I trailered the car to phoenix where my son was to attend a motorcycle mechanic school in october. On october 07, 2016 we unloaded it from the trailer and parked it at a hotel. The next morning my son (a certified mechanic) went outside to check on the car and the brake light was on. Assuming someone was in the car, he ran to it and found that it was full of smoke and smelled of melting wires/metal. He got a pair of pliers from the hotel and unhooked the battery before the car could burn itself to the ground. As soon as we could get a dealership on the phone, we had it towed there. They informed me that there was a large recall on bmw power steering pumps and they looked it up to see if mine would be covered. It wasn't. It cost $3,823. 22 to get the car back and they had the vehicle until october 14, 2016, causing me to miss my flight home. If this is a wide-spread problem, why wasn't my mini covered? After having the power steering pump replaced on my mini cooper s and finally receiving the car back after a week, i drove it from tempe to phoenix where i was staying and heard a loud pop noise as soon as i got it home. There was smoke coming out from under the hood and the car wouldn't steer. I called the dealership where i had just had it repaired and they said that i would once again have to pay the tow bill to get it back to them but that if they found that it was their fault for not fixing something, they would reimburse me for the tow bill. After receiving the car for the second time, they claimed that the power steering hose was an unrelated problem to the power steering pump. I had to pay the tow bill as well as the repair bill.

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