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    2020 MINI COOPER S
    • Date of Incident: Dec-16, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 10:23 Dec-19, 2019

    When sitting in drivers seat ( i am 5ft. 1 in tall) and the convertible top is open, i can not see through the rear view mira because the convertible top folded is blocking my vision. My seat is at highest position. Just as point of reference i had a 2012 mini conv. And this was not a problem. Because of this i had to take the car back to the dealer and get another vehicle which cost me in excess of $5000 as my 3 day old car was considered used with 91 miles on it. My husband who is 5'9" tall tried it and had some visibility but very limited. This is a dangerous thing and should have been corrected by mini. Either the mechanism or the fabric used has to be changed to allow the top to retract out of sight. This does not matter if you are moving or standing still, and could cause the drive to easily have an accident because they can't see what is behind them.

    • Date of Incident: Feb-17, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Feb-17, 2018

    The rear view mirrors on the doors are both mounted too low for over half of the seat height adjustments. You can not see cars approaching as mirror is blocked by the door for anyone under 5ft 9inches or so.

    2017 MINI COOPER
    • Date of Incident: Jul-07, 2017
    • Date complaint filed: 13:12 Jul-10, 2017

    A stress fracture from top of windshield mid way along driver side, down about six inches then turn towards rear view mirror.

    2017 MINI COOPER
    • Date of Incident: Jun-07, 2016
    • Date complaint filed: 11:54 Jun-16, 2016

    I recently test drove a mini cooper clubman s. I did not like the vehicle, and one of the reasons is the way the lighting (front and rear) is designed. The rear of the car has very large lights that go across the 'barn doors' that appear to be brake lights. When i was at the dealership i noticed another clubman in the parking lot being parked wasn't lighting up the large lights as it slowly backed into a parking space. Upon further examination i realized the large lights on the rear doors actually do not light up when braking. Instead there are very small lights at the absolute bottom of the bumper that indicate braking. Not only are the lights in an inappropriate location but they are so small you don't even notice them. When you expect you are looking at brake lights and someone in front of you brakes, you would never know that actually you have to look down almost to the ground to see their indicator light up. These brake lights are extremely dangerous. Why would the large lights on the barn doors in your line of sight that are probably 70% of the width of the car not be the brake lights? It is dangerous and bmw-mini should be forced to recall and/or stop selling these vehicles until this issue is corrected. I would not put myself or my family in jeopardy driving one of these poorly designed vehicles. Please see the link to a website where other people express their concern too. Https://m. Reddit. Com/r/cars/comments/3mj3xe/2016_mini_clubman_has_the_stupidest_brake_lights/? Utm_source=mweb_redirect&compact=false

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