MINI ENGINE Complaints

MINI ENGINE Complaints
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    • 4 Crashes
    • 5 Fires
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 26 complaints related to MINI ENGINE.

    Recent Complaints

    • Date of Incident: Jul-16, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 16:04 Jul-25, 2020

    The auxiliary cooling radiator was punctured by a foreign object, resulting in leaking coolant and engine overheat. The radiator is located in the lower left side of the bumper, with a large opening and no protection, leaving it susceptible to damage from rocks or even large enough insects while driving. The incident occurred while driving, causing my engine to overheat, and the need to pull over and have the car towed.

    • Date of Incident: Apr-06, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 15:29 Jun-23, 2020

    I was pulling into shopping center all dashboard light up warnings etc. Started to head home because of prior incident with computer failure. Car stopped mid intersection and went dead. Put it in park restarted and drove home. Headlights and electrical engine would not shut off. Called service to tow to dealerhip repair. Tow truck driver attempted to turn of lights, no luck. Car repaired at dealership, was told at that point of a possible recall, but they didn't know of what. Car repaired. As soon a lease is up it is gone!

    2020 MINI COOPER S
    • Date of Incident: Jun-23, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 13:41 Jun-23, 2020

    During a rain shower, drove at about 15mph into roughly 4" of water gathered on the shoulder of an access road adjacent to the highway and the engine stalled. Would not restart. Puddle of water was not high enough to breach the cabin - running boards were still above water and the curb adjacent to the street was not submerged. Car would not start and transmission locked up. Bmw roadside assistance contacted and advised not to start; tow truck had difficulty loading onto the flatbed because the electrical system had malfunctioned in the electric convertible top and was overriding the ability to put the car into neutral.

    2016 MINI COOPER S
    Parts: ENGINE
    • Date of Incident: Apr-29, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Apr-30, 2020

    Tl* the contact owned 2016 mini cooper s. Contact stated that while his wife was driving at 40 mph, without warning an smoke appeared on the front passenger side under the hood. The contact stated his wife pulled to the side of the road and exited the vehicle before the whole vehicle was engulfed in flames. The fire department extinguished the flames and a fire department report was filed. The vehicle was towed to a salvage lot and deemed a totaled lost. The manufacturer was contacted and sent a field inspector whom could not determine the cause of the failure. The dealer motor city mini (29929 telegraph rd. Southfield, mi 48034) was contacted and informed the contact that fire was not covered under the warranty. The dealer did not inspect the vehicle. The failure mileage was approximant 41,000.

    • Date of Incident: Dec-21, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 09:15 Jan-04, 2020

    12/19/19 i brought my vehicle to have 2 front tires replaced had them mount and balanced and a front alignment done. The dealer also completed multi point vehicle check. I get home. The car sits still saturday. I start it saturday at 1:30pm and get ready to pull out of drive way. Warning light comes on dash stating battery is not charging. Stop carefully. Consult nearest service center. I contacted service advisor. He stated to drive it back and they will give a loaner. I said no! The vehicle isn't drive able and i don't feel safe. He stated they close in 30 minutes. I wanted to speak to upper management. No one was available he stated. I said i would call back monday december23 2019. I spoke to receptionist who makes appointments. She had available spot on thursday december26,2019. I told her i will have it towed that thursday. I get there told them about the message that came on dash. I was going to have to replace battery and needed a brake flush and oh by the way looks like your pulley went out. The vehicle only had 37,502 miles. I have never heard of a pulley being replace at this mileage. I contacted customer relations for bmw mini that friday. They said they will contact in 1 business day. They did say there is an open case. They will contact jan 7. I was in a loaner for 6 days. I spoke to service manager tues 31,2019 which was new year's eve. She stated the dealership will give 20% discount and bmw mini will still contact me if they are going to assist. I mentioned to them about the defected pulleys on 2002 thru 2006 models. They will look into it.

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