Mitsubishi Complaints

  • 485 Complaints
  • 66 Crashes
  • 4 Fires
  • 68 Injuries
  • 2 Fatalities
  • A total of 485 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 14.0%, or 68 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 13.6%, or 66 were crash related, and 0.8%, or 4 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

  • Date of Incident: Feb-21, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 07:16 Feb-24, 2021

The battery is always draining even when not in cold temperatures i have to turn the key twice in order for the vehicle to start. My husband was driving the vehicle the other day in the car completely stalled mid drive on a busy road

  • Date of Incident: May-20, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 12:52 Feb-21, 2021

Bought the car from dealer in lasvegas an the back seat airbags had been tampered with, the car had about 13,500 miles on car from a rental agency but car dealer had car back an offered the 60,000mile guarantee on car for the remaining miles when i called dealer in st. Louis,moi said emergency light just started coming on when i got home from lasvegas. My dealer thought maybe an animal had chewed through wires in back seats but when they checked they found out that someone had cut the wires an taped them back together, an said they could noy fix them because someone had tampered with them. Also the dealer in lasvegas did a high pressure sales routine on us to sell us extra ins. On the rest of the car so if something was wrong then it woulld be covered, no matter what it was at first theywanted about another $4000 but i said i would never pay that much but then they continued to pressure us to buy it until i agreed to pay extra over $2000 for all rest of car insurance. The dealer on st. Charles rock road did the inspections in st. ,louis county mo. They took pictures an documented all of what they did to the car. The only thing i could get the dealer to fix was oil filter was also put on car from lasvegas dealer but it was not an authorized oil filter so the las vegas dealer agreed to pay for oil filter and oil change to st louis mo dealer. Las vegas dealer said they would not have anything else fixed even though they said they did not know who could have cut the wires an then taped them back. Also i went on line to see repair records of car rental company and las vegas dealer but none of their records said they had done any repairs to the airbags at all, so they assumed that someone else did this, but why would i buy extra ins coverage and then try to do something i had no idea to fix when i had paid for it to be done by the dealer??????????? Not sure of dates?????

  • Date of Incident: Feb-01, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 16:40 Feb-20, 2021

When driving this vehicle, the bsw on the passenger side, does not always work.

  • Date of Incident: Feb-19, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 19:08 Feb-19, 2021

Fcm keeps blinking and alarm sounding when i started the car. My car been service at car dealership since purchased. After 100k miles they now discovered catalic converter need to be replaced per dealership. But nothing about fcm problem.

  • Date of Incident: Sep-30, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 13:44 Feb-16, 2021

Losing transmission fluid and not leaking had in shop more then 3 times for it date isn't right due to it has happened more then once car has even shut its self off more then once and over reves

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