Mitsubishi UNKNOWN OR OTHER Complaints

Mitsubishi UNKNOWN OR OTHER Complaints
    • 74 Complaints
    • 7 Crashes
    • 2 Fires
    • 14 Injuries
    • 0 Fatalities
    • Consumers have filed a total of 74 complaints related to Mitsubishi UNKNOWN OR OTHER.

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    2020 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE CROSS
    • Date of Incident: Apr-04, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 01:04 May-03, 2021

    The panoramic sunroof will not open. I can hear the motor however the interior or exterior sunroof will not open and the shifter does not stay in drive. My sister and i were on the interstate and she handed me a drink and hit the shifter and it slid into neutral without pushing the button. The heated seats do not heat properly.

    2020 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER SPORT
    • Date of Incident: Mar-13, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 13:32 Apr-04, 2021

    Driving down the road on cruise control set at 80 miles an hr, the car shut off then tried to restart itself. The dealer in jacksonville florida could not determine what caused this to happen. Upon inspection it was determined that all of the exhaust valves were damaged. They are repairing this but cannot determine the cause. This is a big concern for me.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-18, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 15:57 Mar-21, 2021

    Transmission is not shifting/working

    • Date of Incident: Jan-01, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 10:54 Mar-04, 2021

    Key for doors does not unlock with the key. Original owner never used key to unlock. They said there is no recalls. This is a danger when you cannot get in car with out remote.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-02, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 16:43 Mar-02, 2021

    I was at a stop sign turning onto a highway, i accelerated and my car was moved into the middle of the road and my car turned off and then turned back on just a second or so later and i was able to drive again. I am not certain what happened as there were no codes thrown and the car continued to operate after turning itself back on. I am wondering if there is something in the computer programming that is faulty. When i got home, i checked all the connections and did not see any obvious faults. I also checked all fluid levels and caps just to be certain it wasn't something related to any of that somehow. It is scary though because there were vehicles coming toward me from both directions.

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