Mitsubishi Complaints

2023 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER
  • Date of Incident: Jun-12, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-20, 2023

We (driver and passenger) were pulling into a parking lot and going very slowly about to stop and get out of car. Suddenly and unexpectedly the car accelerated out of control and at an abnormal speed. The air bags deployed, smoke filled the cabin. After the police arrived and the car was towed, liberty mutual insurance company took title to the car. We were lucky to survive because the car ran into a cement wall from the sudden acceleration and went up into the trees and then backed down and hit the ground. There was a police report and the car was inspected by a manufacturer's representative. Earlier in the day there was a warning on the dashboard that said the vehicle needed maintenance. The "black box" of the car was analyzed by bosche co. But, we would like an independent agency to review the black box of the car and get an explanation as to why this possibly happened to us. The car has many safety features but nothing aided us in this particular instance.

2022 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER SPORT
  • Date of Incident: May-28, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-19, 2023

I had an accident on 28th may 2023 at 5:00am in my residential area while driving my personally owned mitsubishi outlander sports 2022 model with only about 6800 miles on it at about 25 miles/hr. Speed, due to fatigue after coming from long oversees trip! I had my "front collision mitigation" on! My car's right front hit a black truck on its left rear. My car was badly damaged. (pictures enclosed). Thanks god, my driver side airbags deployed, and i did not suffer from body injury! My complaint is regarding "front collision mitigation" which was on, but didn't stop my car hitting the truck, otherwise collision might not happened. My concern is as this safety measure didn't work in my case it might not work in another car. My car is not repairable, although it is drivable with intact engine, transmission, and electric system. I have paid the damages to the truck owner. I had only liability insurance so insurance will not pay for my car damages. I have not sold my wrecked car yet. If nhtsa or mitsubishi motors want to acquire it, they may have it for investigation, research, and improvement. I will appreciate if mitsubishi motors replaced my car. Thank you!

2015 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER SPORT
  • Date of Incident: Sep-14, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-15, 2023

I have 2015 outlander sport has 100k miles on it and i had the transmission replaced at 62000 miles at the dealership but now i have a hesitation engine when go over 70k per hour on the highway and airbag service sign on for no reason and the fog light with the led light off with no reason too.

2016 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER SPORT
  • Date of Incident: Sep-11, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-13, 2023
  • Failed components: POWER TRAIN

The contact owns a 2016 mitsubishi outlander sport. The contact stated while driving 15 mph, the vehicle hesitated upon depressing the accelerator pedal, and the engine revved. The transmission warning light illuminated and the message "transmission hot" was displayed. The contact continued driving, and the message "transmission fluid low" was displayed. The contact pulled to the side of the road and allowed the vehicle to cool down. The contact then checked the transmission fluid level and noticed that there was enough transmission fluid in the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic, where it was diagnosed that the transmission needed to be replaced. The vehicle was then taken to the dealer, where the failure was confirmed. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact related the failure to nhtsa campaign number: 16v563000 (power train) however, the vin was not included. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 67,700.

2015 Mitsubishi LANCER
  • Date of Incident: Sep-09, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-12, 2023
  • Failed components: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

I was working on my 2015 mitsubishi this weekend when i noticed how bad the rear subframe is rusted away. It actually has a crack along it from rusting. I do know there was a recall on the from crossmember for the same exact reason. If that were to break it could be fatal on a highway. I am currently trying to figure out what to do now since it is very unsafe.

2022 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER
  • Date of Incident: Sep-10, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-11, 2023

Ok button on steering wheel got stuck in while driving and it turns off all anti collision systems.

2017 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER
  • Date of Incident: Aug-16, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-07, 2023

Failure of driver side exterior mirror. 3 years after purchase of vehicle the mirror would no longer move in and out. Dealer replaced with oem quality mirror july 2021. 2 years later (august 2023)mirror now has the exact same malfunction/defect. Mitsubishi is unable to tell me why the failure happened in the first place or why it has again happened. Mitsubishi refuses to take any action to fully rectify this issue. They only suggest again replacing the mirror. As the mirror is part of a side vehicle warning system the malfunction creates the possibility of a side collision with another vehicle. Thank you , allen eckstein

2019 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER SPORT
  • Date of Incident: Aug-30, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-07, 2023
  • Failed components: AIR BAGS

The lights for the air bags is on ,

2022 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER
  • Date of Incident: Apr-19, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-03, 2023
  • Failed components: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

The dealer and corporation will not do repair/service to make the key-fob starter functional so the vehicle can be unlocked and the engine started. The vehicle is unusable making it a safety hazard the problem has been confirmed by the dealer. The component has been inspected and worked on by the dealer. No warning lamps or messages, the problem appeared when starting the engine.

2014 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER
  • Date of Incident: Aug-27, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Sep-01, 2023
  • Failed components: FUEL/PROPULSION SYSTEM

The car just did not start the morning i was headed to work. I had someone inspect my vehicle as i was unsure why is just randomly stopped working it has not been inspected by the manufacturer i did not get no warning of some sort it just didn’t start one morning

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