Nissan STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints

Nissan STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints
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    • 33 Crashes
    • 8 Fires
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    • Consumers have filed a total of 253 complaints related to Nissan STRUCTURE:BODY.

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    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Oct-15, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 19:50 May-06, 2021

    I had initiated a claim sometime last year about the b pillar plastic door trim possibly being damaged from the sun's reflection. Nissan usa referred me to the local dealership since they cannot help me. They said that it's not a defect and we would have to pay for any damages that needed to be repaired (about $1000). I don't agree with this as it's not an uncommon issue for door trims to melt just like if the heat from a heat gun was applied to it. There are quite a few photos online and not just nissan. I have no control over where the sun reflects or the buildings that reflect the sun's rays. I don't believe that i should be held liable for this, the vehicle was used as intended, and there are no instructions on the manual regarding this. The car is melting from the sun.

    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Nov-23, 2020
    • Date complaint filed: 15:52 Apr-21, 2021

    When driving the passenger side door won't latch correctly. When driving at a speed of 45-60 mph you can hear a noise like air is coming inside the car. Especially on a very windy day the noise is louder and it feels like the door will open.

    • Date of Incident: Mar-24, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 23:04 Apr-11, 2021

    Drivers seat is loose, has a tendency of moving when pulling off and moves while driving. Makes a rattling noise in the rear of vehicle on passenger side, not sure where what is making the noise. Backing mechanism is activate when nothing is in range.

    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Mar-29, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 09:17 Apr-01, 2021

    Convertible top 5th bow bungie not working correctly top rubbing against the top! Witch cased not working correctly! I complaint about this issue 8/20/2018 they claim there was nothing wrong, when it was under warranty! Turns at nissan puts out a bulletin re: ntb19-061 august 1,2019. And know 2021 not working correctly same problem and they want to charge me for repair! The bill is $1,200!!!! I advised them about bulletin and problem that i reported 2018!! See attached

    Parts: STRUCTURE
    • Date of Incident: Mar-26, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 13:08 Mar-28, 2021

    When i drive my vehicle sometimes the hood latch opens i don't know why? Very scary when driving on freeway

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