Nissan NV2500 Complaints

Nissan NV2500 Complaints
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  • Consumers have filed a total of 4 complaints for NV2500 models.


Recent Complaints

2015 Nissan NV2500
  • Date of Incident: Dec-01, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 12:29 Dec-12, 2018

Airbag light has come on and has been blinking ever since. Vehicle has 41,334 miles.

2017 Nissan NV2500
  • Date of Incident: Aug-09, 2017
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Dec-07, 2017

Engine hesitates when accelerating. Transmission is sluggish when i have my foot on the accelerator the engine revs up to over 5000rpm and the vehicle does not move. Then finally shifts. When driving along at a steady speed and without warning, the vehicle will hesitate. I can feel the hesitation up through the steering wheel which can cause the vehicle to bare one way or the other if i do not have my hands held tightly on the steering wheel.. This causes a dangerous situation. This happens on city streets - when stopped for a yield sign and then try to get on to the highway the vehicle revs up but goes nowhere.

2016 Nissan NV2500
  • Date of Incident: Mar-29, 2017
  • Date complaint filed: 13:53 Apr-03, 2017

Uneven front tire wear

2016 Nissan NV2500
  • Date of Incident: Oct-16, 2016
  • Date complaint filed: 13:14 Nov-24, 2016

The drive side mirror. Has a bad reflection/glare. Of the dashboard lights i can see everything on the dashboard in the driver side mirror. When driving at night can't tell from car lights and other lights when driving or at stop. It's even worst on non non lite roads

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