Ram Complaints

  • 2814 Complaints
  • 264 Crashes
  • 106 Fires
  • 217 Injuries
  • 8 Fatalities
  • A total of 2814 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 7.7%, or 217 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 9.4%, or 264 were crash related, and 3.8%, or 106 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

  • Date of Incident: Aug-26, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 22:13 Jul-08, 2020

Back up camera screen is too dark, even on the lightest control setting. I've brought the vehicle to two dealerships and opened a complaint with the company's customer care. I've been told the camera is operating normal or an additional camera should be installed at my expense (this camera would only display the truck bed) plus my truck is not equipped for this feature

  • Date of Incident: May-01, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 18:56 Jul-06, 2020

I am having issues with my drag link loosening while driving. A recall was issued however the solution to mitigate this is welding the jam nuts. This does not allow me to realign the truck properly. I have attempted to contact fca dozens of times and have promised a case manager would call me back to rectify this but they have failed to reach out. This has been ongoing for two months now and poses a serious safety risk to my vehicle and my family.

  • Date of Incident: Jul-04, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 15:14 Jul-04, 2020

I purchased my vehicle yesterday. Today i was driving it is stalled as i was pulling out into traffic i restarted it it drove fine another two miles. At which time is stalled again with no lights, no indications on. Sounds like some noise comes from the air box. Some kind of air noise comes from the passenger side of the engine when it happened

  • Date of Incident: Jun-26, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 05:44 Jul-03, 2020

My vehicle with under 70k miles recently purchased from a used dealer had a severe problem the gas gauge showed empty a few minutes after showing 1/2 tank i was driving to work on thankfully i was able to pull into a gas station and was not stranded on the middle of the road as to impede traffic and cause an accident. When i refueled at the gas station it showed it was not completely empty as i was lead to believe by the cluster. And through several discussions and diagnosing it was believed to be a faulty part in the fuel system that tends to falsely show empty.

2020 Ram 2500
  • Date of Incident: Jun-17, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 08:28 Jul-02, 2020

The vehicle randomly navigates left or right without warning, also the steering wheel has almost not affect to the vehicle going straight. This happened when the vehicle is in motion, road condition does not matter it is affected on both city roads and highway roads. Very dangerous when on the highway pulling a trailer.

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