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2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-16, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-16, 2023
  • Failed components: AIR BAGS

The srs light is on. Technician scanned vehicle and performed guided tests on drivers side seat airbag, found that he airbag squib is faulty. This is an internal part of the airbag and airbag will need to be replaced.

2011 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-02, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-09, 2023
  • Failed components: TIRES

175 55 r15 tge tires wires startes to unravelling and chabgibg the ahape of tge tire.

2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Oct-26, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Dec-13, 2022
  • Failed components: SERVICE BRAKES

The brake booster malfunctioned while i was driving

2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jun-13, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jun-17, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

Driver’s seatbelt broke at the tensioner as if the cable had been cut with wire cutters. My vehicle has not been involved in a wreck. Under normal driving conditions. Safety issue is if it broke this easily what would’ve happened if i had been involved in an accident? Of course i took the vehicle immediately to a repair shop and the cost to repair is $843. 31. Of course the parts have to be ordered. This is a safety issue it’s a law issue you have to have a seatbelt it’s not like i can’t live without the seatbelt. All my research shows that several people have complained about the same incident happening to them i was not driving the vehicle at the time i had just stopped at a store got back in my car and the seatbelt was broken.

2013 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jun-01, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jun-14, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The drivers side seatbelt connecting floor (i think it's the belt force limiter) has a cable that has broken off. This is the 2nd time this has happened to my smartcar. It is a design flaw because the cable runs against the metal of the seat cutting thru the cable. It isn't usually noticed until it breaks off making the seatbelt complete become broken from the floor. Additionally, smartcars including this one have a known issue where airbags become i op (light on) due to connection issue under seat. So now i have no restraints in my car.

  • Date of Incident: May-05, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: May-06, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The cable that connects the driver's seatbelt to the seatbelt tensioner (smart/mercedes part number 4518600084) frayed. The car has less than 49,000 miles on it. Six of the seven strands of the cable frayed and broke, leaving just one strand connecting the driver's seatbelt to the car. I've attached photos of the tensioner as mounted in the car and removed from the car. The frayed cable is part of the tensioner (smart/mercedes part number 4518600084). Mercedes of portland said that the seatbelts are not covered under the warranty. I paid $252. 23 to have the tensioner assembly replaced. I shudder to think what would have happened if i had been in an accident with this defective seatbelt.

2016 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Dec-15, 2016
  • Date complaint filed: Mar-20, 2022
  • Failed components: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, ENGINE, and STEERING

Since i purchased the car from hampton auto mall 757 865 8000 there has been an issue with the steering, brakes, gas system, fuel gauge etc.. The dealership or mercedes refuses to fix the problem since i purchased it in 2016. I have almost died due to steering problems and gas tank. Please get a mechanic to check the steering and for small tears in your gas tank on smarts. The dealership i bought my car from refuses to fix issue because of lemon laws the service advisor told me so.

2016 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Dec-21, 2016
  • Date complaint filed: Mar-20, 2022

Since purchasing the car the power steering has been bad. The dealership where i purchased the car and mercedes refused to fix the issue. There is electrical issues and the gas tank gauge and gas tank have been replaced 3 times. Please do not purchase a smart car thecmakers do not stand behind their product. I took it to mercedes hampton va auto mall and they are so rude. I have almost died 4 times due to bot bring able to turn steering wheel.

2016 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-02, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-25, 2022

Three weeks after got the car from carmax check engine light went on and the after a smell of burning oil every time after driving somewhere. Cruise control failure about a month and half after getting the car, spring shocks in bad condition. Front windshield replaced looks like by the writing on the upper corner driver side (pieces of glass found on the car). Cargo cover missing and no mats.

2012 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-16, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-18, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The driver side seat belt mount, which in this case is a steel cable, has mostly broken and frayed rendering it unsafe to drive. In the event of an accident, it would certainly break completely. I only noticed it yesterday while cleaning, the breakage would've happened while driving it. I've contacted mercedes usa, and they tell me that my warranty has run out, they can't do anything. Even though this is a mandatory safety feature that has completely failed from normal use.

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