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    • Date of Incident: Jun-19, 2018
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Jun-21, 2018

    Sunroof glass exploded while driving on the freeway in hot weather. There was no sign of a rock or any other object hitting the vehicle. I have done my research and this is a known issue with volvo.

    • Date of Incident: Oct-29, 2016
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Oct-30, 2016

    While driving on the interstate at approx. 65 mph, the sunroof exploded with glass blowing up towards the sky. At first, i heard a loud "bang" that sounded like a gun firing and then shards of glass started raining down upon me from above. Shards of glass also filled the rear seat area. If my wife were driving the car, she probably would have panicked, causing an accident involving other vehicles. Also, if there was a car immediately behind mine, they would have been showered with glass shards from the glass shooting up from my vehicle. If a motorcyclist, it would not have been good. The entire sunroof glass that remains is totally shattered. *tr

    • Date of Incident: Apr-02, 2015
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Apr-02, 2015

    There is an accordion style piece on the left and right side of the sunroof that expands when the sunroof is opened as a vent. The left (driver) side accordion piece became loose and fell on my head three times. It was repaired by the dealer i purchased the vehicle from twice. When i took the vehicle to the dealer the first time i was informed that part has fallen off of many vehicles. The person that scheduled the appointment informed me she was going to watch the technician as they reinstall the part so she can reinstall others. A service report wasn't made by the dealer because it took less than two minutes for the part to be repaired. *tr

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