Volvo V90CC Complaints

Volvo V90CC Complaints
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2018 Volvo V90CC
  • Date of Incident: Feb-01, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Feb-03, 2020

Sensus navigation map gets overplayed with a blank "window" effectively covering the map, the system freezes so no navigation or sensus related information is available to the driver. The recovery process seems to be, stop car, open/close doors, wait 5-20 minutes, open/close doors, restart car and hopefully move on. The car has been to dealer 8+ times for various attempts to repair. Volvo north america has been involved in at least the last 3 attempts. Volvo na, completely non-responsive. Problem used to be infrequent, now it is much more regular. The car did not go 24 hours after the system was replaced without failure. The problem is a safety issue as you loose navigation assistance at random intervals such as to out to a new location downtown or on a 3 hour highway trip (3x) with limited access to pull over. Manufacturer seems unable to either diagnose or repair. Other system features and car controls unavailable while screen in "locked" up. Problem dates back to at least summer 2019, perhaps earlier.

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