BMW 328XD Complaints

BMW 328XD Complaints
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Recent Complaints

2015 BMW 328XD
  • Date of Incident: Jan-05, 2018
  • Date complaint filed: 10:31 Jan-11, 2018

I was driving down interstate 95 in nj during inclement, cold weather. Other cars and trucks on the road were kicking up snow, salt and sand which was collecting on my front windshield. I tried to use my windshield washer fluid, but when i engaged it, no fluid came out and the windshield wipers spread the debris covering the entire windshield in a brown film which blocked 100% visibility. I was not able to see anything. I engaged the wipers on the fastest setting to try and get the film off, but for a period of 5 or 10 seconds, i was completely blind, driving on an interstate highway. I took my car to the open road bmw service center in morristown nj to have it fixed. They told me there was nothing wrong and sent me home. In the 15 minute drive home, the washer fluid system stopped working again, so i took it back to open road. They again told me that nothing was wrong. However, two of their service representatives have individually told me that the issue is that the tank that holds the washer fluid is no insulated and located behind the right front wheel. So when driving on a highway, the wind generated by the wheel, especially in cold weather, freezes the washer fluid. This represents a significant, systematic safety issue with these cars that warrants a recall.

2015 BMW 328XD
  • Date of Incident: Dec-01, 2016
  • Date complaint filed: 17:07 Jul-05, 2017

I'm leasing a bmw 2015 with 10k miles. Last thursday, december 1st 2016 i had a flat tire, a small screw in the middle of the tire, punctured it. These are run-flat -tires, and they are defective!!! The dealer bmw-towson charge me $320 for a new tire. Now, again, the passenger rear tire is losing air, and now i have to replace it and the bmw dealer will charge me another $320 and the car has 18k miles. These tires are defective. I contacted continental tire and towson bmw several times and they won't do anything, i'm out of warranty. I'm leasing this car and i take care of it.

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