BMW K1300 S Complaints

BMW K1300 S Complaints
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Recent Complaints

2015 BMW K1300 S
  • Date of Incident: Feb-01, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 14:58 Mar-13, 2019

I have a 2014 bmw k1300s motorcycle with 3800 miles on it, around 4 weeks ago, i've noticed a gas smell while i was about to go out on the bike and when the vehicle was idling, tha's when i first noticed the fuel leaking out from the left side. It was a significant leak,as in if i leave it for idle, for 20 seconds, there will be drips on the floor under the motorcycle. Approx the same time the abs light is on, took the motorcycle to the bmw dealership, they said that,the leaking fuel should be covered under the federal emission warranty, 2 weeks down the line, i get a call from the dealership saying that they have denied the warranty from bmw and said that the dealership would appeal the decision and they should approve it like they did before. Today 03/13/19 i get a call from the dealership saying that their appeal was declined and i would have to pay for the repairs of the leaking fuel. And the abs pump needs to be replaced for ~$2700. I look online, and there are many other people with similar vehicle facing the same issue, i've called bmw they asked for my vin and then they tell me that my vin number is not affected by their faulty parts. After further research and talking to other people who owned simiar motorcycles. Seems like it is a recurring issue. There is a recall on the particular vehicle model with different years but not the 2014 bmw k1300s

2015 BMW K1300 S
  • Date of Incident: Oct-31, 2014
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Nov-15, 2014

New motorcycle began leaking fuel after 34 miles. After the motorcycle was parked, fuel was observed streaming down the left hand side of the hot engine and was dripping onto the lower fairing and onto the ground. Bmw dealer claims to have found an o-ring that was installed improperly by the factory. O-ring was then installed properly and motorcycle was returned to service. The motorcycle was driven another 30 miles and then parked. Fuel and glue residue leaked onto the engine, fairing, and ground in the same location after being parked, though not immediately. Bmw dealer inspected and found that the insulation around the tank had been fuel soaked, perhaps from the first incident. Insulation was replaced and motorcycle was put back into service. Approximately 20 more miles were driven after this second repair, and the motorcycle was parked. A short time later, fuel leaked onto the engine, fairing, and ground again. The bmw dealer has been unable to determine exact cause of the fuel leak. Bmw dealer does not believe this issue to be related to the fuel leak problems (and recall) for earlier model years. Investigation is still ongoing. *tr

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