Ferrari SERVICE BRAKES Complaints

Ferrari SERVICE BRAKES Complaints
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    2017 Ferrari 488 GTB
    • Date of Incident: May-25, 2017
    • Date complaint filed: 00:00 Jul-22, 2018

    The braking system has locked the brakes by itself without any user input or pressing of the brake pedal. This has occurred 3x, the first 2 while the car was moving, the last while it was parked in a garage, the 1st and 3rd times rendered the car immovable, the 2nd was movable after a restart. Twice the car needed to be towed to the dealer, who has been unable to duplicate the problem thus unable to fix it. The 3x have occurred in ~3k miles, the 1st at ~1850 miles. The first repair attempt involved replacing the braking system ecu and a brake pedal switch, performed as a "shotgun" approach since no cause could be determined. The 2nd and 3rd attempts involved ferrari washing their hands of the problem. I filed to lemon law the car, and ferrari maintains there is nothing wrong with it after the first "fix", which is clearly absurd due to the 2nd and 3rd occurrences. Asking online in a ferrari forum produced only one person saying the same problem occurred in their close-to-identical ferrari car , which presumably shares a very similar if not identical braking system. The car has an unusual "hill-holder" feature which engages even while on flat ground, and it is this which i believe to be malfunctioning. The inability to move a car that has suddenly and without warning locked its brakes and brought the car to a stop is not only frightening, but is potentially lethal.

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