Infiniti Complaints

  • 314 Complaints
  • 42 Crashes
  • 3 Fires
  • 40 Injuries
  • 0 Fatalities
  • A total of 314 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 12.7%, or 40 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 13.4%, or 42 were crash related, and 1.0%, or 3 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

  • Date of Incident: Jul-03, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 17:37 Jul-08, 2020

The car does not shift to neutral without a great deal of difficulty. Could not get the car into neutral while going into a carwash.

  • Date of Incident: Jun-05, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 10:23 Jul-06, 2020

Dating back to november 2019, my vehicle's automatic emergency braking have engaged 3 times without reasonable cause at speeds that vary from 40-70 mph. The first two incidents were on normal city roads going approximately 40-45 mph. The last incident (june 2020) happened while driving on a highway, with no traffic around, going ~70 mph and my vehicle almost came to a complete stop. The first time i took the vehicle into the dealership, they reset the system. The most recent time they said the incident happened twice to technician and their assumption was the vehicle was not clean enough. I followed up with infiniti consumer affairs and they told me these incidents have happened in other vehicles but do not think the situations are related. With the incident now happening a total of 5 times (and when the vehicle was clean), i do not feel safe in the vehicle and believe there is an underlying issue.

  • Date of Incident: Mar-02, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 07:22 Jul-06, 2020

No air on driver side blowing hot air! Blend door actuator not working do not work at all

2020 Infiniti QX80
  • Date of Incident: Mar-02, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 06:06 Jul-05, 2020

The cruise control is very abrupted when engaging the resume feature. The cruise will cause the transmission to downshift and engine to rev above 5000 rpms for just a couple of mph speed increase. I believe this a design flaw that could cause a driver to lose control of the car.

  • Date of Incident: Jun-23, 2020
  • Date complaint filed: 12:17 Jul-03, 2020

There is something wrong with either the acceleration, electrical or throttle. While parking the vehicle and applying the breaks, the vehicle speed forward at high speed and would not stop even with applying the breaks. It crashed me and my daughter into a brick building at high speed. The witness said he had never seen anything like it before and he was a mechanic and auto body specialist. He said we went from almost in the stop position to high speed like a crash test dummy vehicle. This all occurred in a small parking lot in the city. The insurance company deemed it a total loss because the damages were over 85% of the cars value. The witness and urgent care facility said we are lucky to be alive. I took the vehicle to the dealership in february or march 2020 regarding the vehicles acceleration. The service rep i worked with was condescending and tried to make me think it was all in my head and told me there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. He drove it around a few blocks with me in it and said there was nothing wrong. I kept telling him there is something wrong because it would either lose power or jerk forward out of nowhere. This was a cpo vehicle so i did not expect to be taking it in for service only a couple of months after purchasing it.

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