Lincoln Complaints

2017 Lincoln MKC
  • Date of Incident: Feb-21, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-29, 2024
  • Failed components: ENGINE

-coolant intrusion into cylinder heads, causing engine issues and overheating -requires full long block engine replacement -known issue by manufacturer, tsb 22-2229, no support to fix outside of warrant -confirmed by manufacturer, dealer, independent servicer -no warnings prior to issue

2018 Lincoln MKZ
  • Date of Incident: Feb-28, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-28, 2024
  • Failed components: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

Upon driving north on rt. 95 in ga our pan aramaic moonroof unexpectedly exploded. There was no apparent reason. No debris was present and environmental conditions were not extreme. ( sunny day about 72 degrees f). The explosion was very loud and alarming creating a risk of losing control of the vehicle. Bodily injury could have resulted if the moon roof cover was open and chards of glass were shot into the vehicle. We have not contact the manufacturer yet , but plan to. There was absolutely no warning of this. It was sudden, unexpected and explosive. The tempered glass was shattered and glass was missing from all along all 4 sides of the moon roof. Very scary. I assume this is due to a manufacturing defect.

2019 Lincoln NAVIGATOR
  • Date of Incident: Jan-04, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-28, 2024

I purchased this vehicle 6 months ago and have had nothing but electrical issues since. The front lincoln emblem and the rear driverside brake lights do not work. Also, the heated driver seat stopped working. I have read the lighting issue is common.

2016 Lincoln MKX
  • Date of Incident: Feb-28, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-28, 2024
  • Failed components: WHEELS and WHEELS:LUGS/NUTS/BOLTS

Told by diamond ford in lancaster ca that my lug nuts need to be replaced at the cost of $225. 00. I have been driving for 60 years and never had to replace lug nuts.

2015 Lincoln MKC
  • Date of Incident: Feb-23, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-28, 2024
  • Failed components: POWER TRAIN and ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

The contact owns a 2015 lincoln mkc. The contact stated that after driving at undisclosed speeds and pulling into a gas station and turning off the vehicle, the vehicle failed to restart. The instrument cluster warning lights were illuminated. The lights on the shifter cable failed to turn off. The vehicle was towed to the local dealer, where it was diagnosed that the shifter cable bushing needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was contacted and informed the contact there was no recall coverage for the failure and referred the contact to the nhtsa hotline. The failure mileage was approximately 51,445.

2015 Lincoln MKZ
  • Date of Incident: Mar-16, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-27, 2024
  • Failed components: SERVICE BRAKES

See attached document for complaint

2015 Lincoln MKC
  • Date of Incident: Dec-25, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-27, 2024
  • Failed components: ENGINE and ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

The contact owns a 2015 lincoln mkc. The contact stated that an independent mechanic had replaced the battery and the alternator twice due to battery drainage failure; however, the failure persisted. The contact stated that the vehicle required to be jumpstarted regularly. Additionally, the contact stated that the passenger's side running light and side-view mirror light, and the tailgate release button were inoperable. The vehicle was taken to the dealer, where the recall repair of nhtsa campaign number: 23v378000 (engine) was performed; however, the failure persisted, and the windshield wiper motors failed after the recall repair. The contact stated that the electric parking brake engaged intermittently while driving. The contact stated that the failure caused him to pull to the side of the road, to shut off and to jump-start the vehicle to continue driving. The dealer was notified of the failure, but no assistance was provided. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 58,000.

2013 Lincoln MKX
  • Date of Incident: Jul-01, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-24, 2024
  • Failed components: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

Both passengers door locks say the door is open

2011 Lincoln MKS
  • Date of Incident: Nov-08, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-22, 2024
  • Failed components: STEERING

In 2015 a recall was done to repair the power steering failure issue. In october of 2021, while driving the vehicle down the highway, the power steering went out making the vehicle almost impossible to steer. Had the vehicle towed to the dealership where they verified the issue and pulled code u3000 for steering gear failure. With 68827 miles, i was charged for the entire repair with not one mention about the extension to the power steering recall. The parts and labor that were charged were those mentioned in the recall. Fast forward to november 2022, had the vehicle towed to the same dealership for the same issue. Lights on the dash were present, and concern verified that the power steering was completely inoperative. No communication with the unit told me that the power steering control needed to be replaced. Again there was no mention or advocating involving the power steering recall that involved this exact issue. This time was told that they installed a part that was used in the previous repair so again i had to pay the entire cost. Currently, there are no issues with the vehicle but i have been looking to sell it because i have not driven it much due to the cost of these repairs. It was during my research to sell that i came across all the recall information on my vehicle and do not understand why all of these costs were not covered and why the dealership did nothing to advocate for me.

2015 Lincoln MKC
  • Date of Incident: Jan-20, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-20, 2024
  • Failed components: STEERING

The steering assist warning message came on and power steering failed twice in less than a week's time on my 2015 lincoln mkc. It first happened while turning left and later in a parking lot at low speed shortly after i’d started the car. I could have had an accident had someone been behind me. I could not even steer the car into my driveway. Oddly, the problem would go away after turning the car off and restarting a short while later. Nonetheless, it's dangerous. I took it to a lincoln dealer, and the problem did not resurface during a diagnostic test or test drive - and no malfunction codes came up. So, i was asked if i wanted to come back and get it or they keep it a few more days to see if the issue came back. I went to pick it up, and no sooner than i turned it on to leave the lot, it did it again. They kept the car, but it was end of day so there is no word yet. Other owners of mkcs, mkts and mkzs are reporting the same problem, with no real fix. They also took this car to the dealer a year ago to address the current recall issue, but they have yet to fix it, saying they do not have the part and would call me when they do.

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