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2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Aug-26, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Aug-26, 2023
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The cable attaching the seatbelt is frayed and only being held on by a few strands of cable. My research into the problem on forums and the internet has shown that this is an issue on the drivers side seatbelt for smart car.

2017 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jun-28, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jul-28, 2023
  • Failed components: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

The car won't charge over 20% due probably a faulty manufacturer part of n83 high voltage control box. This could cause very serious electrical/battery issues if the high voltage box is faulty.

2015 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jul-14, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jul-14, 2023
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The contact owns a 2015 smart fortwo. The contact stated while buckling the seat belt, he became aware that a metal cable through the eyelet bolted to the frame by the door jamb on the driver's side had started to fray. The contact stated that the vehicle was not driven frequently and felt that there could not be a wear and tear issue. The contact had not taken the vehicle to a local dealer. The vehicle had not been diagnosed and had not been repaired. The manufacturer had not been informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 65,000.

  • Date of Incident: Jun-14, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jul-03, 2023
  • Failed components: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

The driver was sitting a red light when flames started emerging from the hood. The driver exited the car before the entire front of the car was engulfed in flames and ultimately destroyed. It is unclear what caused the fire but it might have been a wiring harness (or at least there was a wiring harness in the front drivers area under the hood). The car is available for inspection upon request. The safety of the drivers was at risk; he was lucky to be at a red light although he was forced to exit in the middle of a busy street. There is no problem to be reproduced but the incident was reported to mercedes. The vehicle has not been inspected but the police and fire departments were on scene. There was no prior warning via lamps or other symptoms.

2016 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Apr-13, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Apr-14, 2023

The car just shuts off while i am driving. I can tell now when it is about to shut off. I have had this problem since i purchased the car in 2016. I have taken the car to the dealership and called mercedes benz several times and they will not do anything. I will die because the car is getting worse and shuts off more frequently now. Can you get mercedes benz to help me? They told me that they don't care if i die due to a bad product they sold me. Please help. Please, i am begging you i do not want to hurt someone else due to this bad car.

2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-16, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-16, 2023
  • Failed components: AIR BAGS

The srs light is on. Technician scanned vehicle and performed guided tests on drivers side seat airbag, found that he airbag squib is faulty. This is an internal part of the airbag and airbag will need to be replaced.

2011 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jan-02, 2023
  • Date complaint filed: Jan-09, 2023
  • Failed components: TIRES

175 55 r15 tge tires wires startes to unravelling and chabgibg the ahape of tge tire.

2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Oct-26, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Dec-13, 2022
  • Failed components: SERVICE BRAKES

The brake booster malfunctioned while i was driving

2014 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jun-13, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jun-17, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

Driver’s seatbelt broke at the tensioner as if the cable had been cut with wire cutters. My vehicle has not been involved in a wreck. Under normal driving conditions. Safety issue is if it broke this easily what would’ve happened if i had been involved in an accident? Of course i took the vehicle immediately to a repair shop and the cost to repair is $843. 31. Of course the parts have to be ordered. This is a safety issue it’s a law issue you have to have a seatbelt it’s not like i can’t live without the seatbelt. All my research shows that several people have complained about the same incident happening to them i was not driving the vehicle at the time i had just stopped at a store got back in my car and the seatbelt was broken.

2013 smart FORTWO
  • Date of Incident: Jun-01, 2022
  • Date complaint filed: Jun-14, 2022
  • Failed components: SEAT BELTS

The drivers side seatbelt connecting floor (i think it's the belt force limiter) has a cable that has broken off. This is the 2nd time this has happened to my smartcar. It is a design flaw because the cable runs against the metal of the seat cutting thru the cable. It isn't usually noticed until it breaks off making the seatbelt complete become broken from the floor. Additionally, smartcars including this one have a known issue where airbags become i op (light on) due to connection issue under seat. So now i have no restraints in my car.

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