smart STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints

smart STRUCTURE:BODY Complaints
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    • Date of Incident: Sep-11, 2019
    • Date complaint filed: 14:05 Sep-18, 2019

    My 2016 smart car at only 51000 miles had transmission failure while driving down freeway almost resulting in crash. My car went from 65 miles a hour, then warning light said transmission failure and car was unable to excel rate or break, the emergency break was the only thing that saved me. Mercedes diagnosed a wig was able to fly up under car and get wrapped around axels, transmission, and break belts. The car was totaled from a wig. This is unacceptable that the underneath is left vulnerable to a object being able to cause so much damage, that could have easily resulted in a fatal car crash. This happened on hwy 59 south houston, while driving.

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