2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible

  • $68,100 MSRP From
  • 20 mpg AVG, Comb.
  • 4.8 sec. 0-60 MPH
  • 380 hp Max. Power
  • Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible is a two-seat small-size vehicle in the Luxury Performance Convertible category. For the 2016 model year, there are two trim-lines to choose from, both with the same 3.0L V-6 Supercharged engine that produces 340 to 380 horsepower, which is enough for the 3,499 to 3,735 lbs. convertible to reach 60 mph from zero in just 4.8 seconds. EPA-estimated annual premium gasoline expense is $2,700 to $3,300, which over the course of five years will cost you $7,500 in extra fuel spending.

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible 2dr Conv Auto RWD2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible 2dr Conv Auto RWD
2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible S2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible S


2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible Exterior Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

  • Width: -
  • Width W/O Mirrors: 74.2 in
  • Length: 176.0 in
  • Height: 51.5 - 51.6 in
  • Wheelbase: 103.2 in

2016 F-TYPE Convertible has a relatively long wheelbase ( 103.2 in) and a wider body structure compared to vehicles of similar length and class. It is relatively lighter with curb weight of 3499 - 3735 lbs.


2016 F-TYPE Convertible - First Row

First Row Dimensions

Leg Room: 43.0 inHip Room: -Head Room: 37.0 inShoulder Room: 56.5 in
2016 F-TYPE Convertible - Cargo Area

Trunk Volume

7 ft3

2016 F-TYPE Convertible seats two adults. It has class-leading first-row passenger room on only two measurements - legs and shoulders. When it comes to second-row passenger room, F-TYPE Convertible ia a class-leader on only one measurement - hips. Trunk volume is smaller than average with 7 cu. ft.

Full Specifications


2016 F-TYPE Base

2016 F-TYPE S

  • 3.0 L, Sup Charg, Man, RWD
  • 3.0 L, Sup Charg, Auto, RWD
  • 3.0 L, Sup Charg, Man, RWD
  • 3.0 L, Sup Charg, Auto, RWD
  • 3.0 L, Sup Charg, Auto, AWD
Starging MSRP$68,100$80,400
Engine3.0L V-6 Supercharged3.0L V-6 Supercharged
HP340 hp380 hp
DrivetrainRear Wheel DriveRear Wheel Drive
0-60 mph5.5 sec5.3 sec
City15 - 16 MPG15 - 16 MPG
Highway24 MPG24 MPG
Combined18 - 19 MPG18 - 19 MPG
Annual Fuel Cost$3,100 - $3,300$3,100 - $3,300

2016 F-TYPE Convertible comes in two trim levels, with an average price that is $4,927 less compared to its rivals. With a lighter body, and on average less powerful engine, F-TYPE Convertible


  • Complaints: 5
  • Recalls: 1

Customers have filed five complaints, which is less than the average for its rivals. There is also one recall issued by Jaguar, which by itself is a relatively low number.


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