Mazda Complaints

  • 1198 Complaints
  • 108 Crashes
  • 9 Fires
  • 69 Injuries
  • 1 Fatalities
  • A total of 1198 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for vehicles that are model year 2015 or newer. 5.8%, or 69 of those complaints have caused some degree of injury. 9.0%, or 108 were crash related, and 0.8%, or 9 complaints describe fire-related incidents.

Recent Complaints

2016 Mazda MX-5
  • Date of Incident: Apr-23, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 16:03 May-11, 2021

I was driving on the freeway and i heard a loud cracking noise. I stopped at a gas station to check and saw that the upper molding part of the car had broken off.

2015 Mazda MAZDA3
  • Date of Incident: Feb-15, 2019
  • Date complaint filed: 13:00 May-11, 2021

My cars infotainment system, which includes the rearview camera, started malfunctioning in early 2019. The infotainment screen (for the clock, radio, gps and rearview camera) was in a reboot loop (constantly rebooting over and over). When the car is put in reverse, the rearview camera works sporadically, including shutting off in the middle of reversing the car. I took the care to the original dealer and (per the service invoice attached), they diagnosed the problem as "cmu failure" which would cost me $1000 (one thousand dollars) to fix. I refused, as i did not think it was appropriate for the cmu to fail roughly four (4) years after purchase. I googled the problem and it's evident that many other mazda owners have experienced the same problem.

  • Date of Incident: Apr-30, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 11:43 May-11, 2021

2015 mazda cx5 2. 0 l, well maintained; recommended oil used at proper intervals, with 130,000 miles, mostly highway driven. With no warning lights and/or sounds, vehicle started loosing power at around 30 mph in the city and engine completely stalled. Aaa was called to start the vehicle to no avail, battery checked out ok. Towed to mazda dealership in wichita, ks. Dealer service examined vehicle and found a valve stem broken and lying on top of engine, visible through the spark plug well. As the owner, along with the service manager, i saw the broken valve stem in the engine but also notice my engine was extremely clean on the inside with clean oil as well, no evidence of dirt and/or sludge of any kind. Vehicle owner commented to the dealer how clean the engine and the vehicle was kept inside and out. Dealer responded by text to owner, new engine replacement, at the cost of $7000; used engine with 91,000 miles at $5000. Dealer stated after 60,000, vehicle of out of warranty. Owner researched and found evidence the failure is likely due too engine design. Mazda built an aluminum engine with high compression ratio, but built it lighter and with smaller component parts. According to engineers, that's a recipe for various component parts and ultimately overall engine failure. The skyactiv engine operates at 13. 0 compression ratio, by design; if not designed properly and being it's new technology, failures like internal component parts and the engine, are likely. Owner's vehicle at dealer for almost 3 weeks and they are offering no assistance to repair the vehicle. There needs to be an inquiry into the design of the skyactiv engine and address mazda alleging owner's are abusing vehicles and charging exorbitant prices for mechanical issues caused by their product design. Owner currently has two 2015 mazda cx5's. Dealer/mazda offering no assistance.

2021 Mazda CX-30
  • Date of Incident: Apr-01, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 00:00 May-10, 2021

Tl* the contact owns a 2021 mazda cx-30. The contact stated while driving 3 mph, the vehicle loss motive power. The contact stated that the low voltage 12-v charge warning light was illuminated. The contact stated a bystander assisted to jump start the vehicle. The contact continued driving to her destination. The vehicle was taken to cook chrysler dodge ram (1136 s philadelphia blvd, aberdeen, md 21001, (410) 346-3786) however, the mechanic was unable to duplicate the failure. The vehicle was not yet repaired. The contact stated she had experience the failure on four times and the vehicle was towed to the dealer. The manufacturer was informed of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 50.

2019 Mazda MX-5
  • Date of Incident: May-03, 2021
  • Date complaint filed: 18:02 May-06, 2021

In oct. Of 2018, i purchased a mazda with yokohama advan sport v105, 195/50r16, 84v tires. These were the standard tires that came on the car. Now some 15,832 miles later and less than 3 yrs. , i am told that they have "micro cracks" and should be replaced. Closer research revealed that these are "summer tires" that "flexing of the specialized rubber compounds used in max performance summer tires during cold-weather use can result in irreversible compound cracking. Compound cracking is not a warrantable condition because it occurs as the result of improper use or storage, tires exhibiting compound cracking must be replaced. " at no time was i warned that driving with these tires in the winter could cause this damage. More important is the fact that they get dangerously little traction under these cold conditions-especially with even a minimal amount of snow. A consumer should be warned about this foreseeable dangerous condition-especially when this car is sold in a state with severe winters.

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