2023 Nissan ROGUE - FUEL/PROPULSION SYSTEM and ENGINE Failure Complaint (#b09d95)

2023 Nissan ROGUE

  • Date of Incident: Feb-26, 2024
  • Date complaint filed: Feb-29, 2024
  • Failed components: FUEL/PROPULSION SYSTEM and ENGINE

Purchased a 2023 nissan rogue in may 2023 with less than 10 miles on it. Shortly after purchase myself and my family noticed the smell of gas fumes in the cabin, which i initially ignored. I took the car back to the dealership in august 2023 at 4,700 miles due to the noxious fumes/smell. The car’s pcv valve was replaced for the first time. I again took the vehicle into the dealership in december 2023 at 12,900 miles due to the extremely strong smell of gas fumes coming into the cabin but also radiating throughout my entire garage. These fumes burn my eyes, throat, make me nauseous, and cause headaches. My heated garage has an open flame heater and i became worried that the potentially uncombusted gas products leaking into the air could cause an explosion or fire. The dealership replaced my pcv hose a second time, but this did not solve the issue. I returned to dealership in february 2024 at 15,000 miles for persistent gas fumes in the cabin and radiating throughout my garage. There was nothing wrong with my pcv hose and the pcv hoses were on “back order”. Nothing was done to my car other than “wash off the engine bay to try to get rid of the smell”. Nissan was unable to resolve the issue or produce any viable solutions, they returned my car to me the next day and after driving it home from work and parking it in my garage, the noxious gas/odor was still strongly present and i was told by family that my clothes smell like gasoline/oil fumes. I am afraid for my health and safety while driving this vehicle. I do not feel that nissan has adequately addressed this issue and continues to ignore it without producing viable solutions. It appears to me that there is likely a defect in the engineering/manufacturing of this vehicle and intrinsic faults within the engine and its components. I believe that if action is not taken by nissan or governmental regulatory bodies, consumers will experience serious health and safety consequences.

Vehicle VIN Info

VIN PatternJN8BT3BB*PW******
Drive Type4WD/4-Wheel Drive/4x4
Gross Vehicle Weight RatingClass 1C: 4,001 - 5,000 lb (1,814 - 2,268 kg)
Model Year2023
TrimGrade SV
Body ClassSport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Engine Displacement (L)1.5
Engine Displacement (CC)1500
Engine Displacement (CI)91.5356
Primary Fuel TypeGasoline
Front Air Bags1st Row (Driver and Passenger)
Knee Air Bags1st Row (Driver and Passenger)
Side Air Bag1st Row (Driver and Passenger)
Curtain Air Bags1st and 2nd Rows
Seat BeltsManual
Other Restraint System InfoFront: 3-Point Manual Belts / Rear: 3-Point Manual Belts (Outboard/Center)
Plant Company NameKyushu Plant
Plant CountryJAPAN
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