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    • Date of Incident: Mar-17, 2021
    • Date complaint filed: 01:02 May-11, 2021

    My roof is leaking, it was coming out the front cabin light. This problem can be found noted on many websites with pictures for my year/model. Then we started getting errors with suspension and my wife got a warning she should stop the car. She got it home and we found the water had now leaked into the rear right quarter panel where at least 1 computer is stored. That area had at least 1? Of water in it. I had to pull a drain plug to drain it. The dealership confirmed the computer was fried ($2600) and had previously said our drains were clear and the fix was a new rear seal. While their another person had just gotton that sunroof $2k fix on their car. The computer has disabled the blind spot lights on the side mirrors, front collision warning and assume auto braking, the rear camera is out, and gps. These are the things that are obvious, i don? T know what else is disabled i don? T know. The dealer also said they were limited on the fault codes they could get because of the failure as well. In doing more research for? Volvo sunroof leak? I found a site called topclassactions. Com with several individual incidences of newer years and others models where the roof leaks into the rear and fries the computer. One noted? That happened while i was driving! I lost brakes and engine power, the gear box got locked. Eventually i pulled into parking lot. At that point i tried to turned off the engine of the car but it wouldn? T let me.? Someone else noted brake failure as well. The sunroof issue is not uncommon and volvo is giving consumers the run around when their design leaks and damages the computer controlling key safety features. These are? New? Cars 2016 and up. There are also instances where the consumer pays to get the leak? Fixed? And it continues to leak therefore increasing the chance of the safety computer failing.

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